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I have no clue, but it was a slightly darker picture and the nipple was on the very far right. I wasnt really keeping count

One of the levels, the nipple is clearly visible but it does not count.

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Found a bug that causes the game to crash if you spam SPACE the second you level up. 

Very fun. I quite like this type of game style, and I wish there were more games like it. The art style is insanely satisfying to look at, the pixel and the portraits. 

One thing I recommend is some sort of system to protect the XP crystals, so that instead of disappearing, they will clump up into a bigger crystal. Its not a problem right now, but if more weapons and items are planned for the future, it will make the game much more difficult. 

I played to the 30 minute mark where what happened was exactly what I expected, which is great. However instead of having the final "enemy" be the same for every map, I suggest having one that is themed around that specific maps style (for example a giant goblin thats faster than you).

Over all a good game, and I cannot wait for it to be developed further.

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This game has saved me from boredom in my classes when I'm not doing anything, but obviously this was not made to run on the chrome books I have managed to get all songs working except for week 2 and the 2 Christmas songs. They crash on launch. Pico songs also have really bad lag spikes. Would it be possible to have graphics settings in the future to disable animated backgrounds or something along those lines?

What was the update for?

really needs a hint tab aswell. Now that I know who has the new quests, I just need to figure out how to access them, which can be difficult apparently.

Love the game. Nina is cool. It really needs a gallery viewer though for some of the scenes that you can only do once 

are there any lewd scenes in the game right now? or are they unfinished

we need more of her 

is there any changelogs that you are doing for each update?

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do you have any plans for a changelog for new additions so im not playing through the whole game again even when there is nothing new added?

Thank you.

this is very much looking like a project by a very specific individual. Dont let this end up like yandere sim, we all saw how that turned out for yandere dev

Aight, I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have an adult tamogachi game and now this shows up. Who is paying you to spy on me?

Pretty good. I love the lack of any kind of language barrier. The balance thing seemed to not work properly the first few times though.

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Basically I used blood buff to heal when I walked into a cutscene and couldnt turn it off so it took all of my blood. Which really sucks because it seems after every cutscene it strips 1/3 of my health

I love this game so far. A bit grindy but the animation is really smooth. The music, although fine, reminds me of the hours I spent on lumber tycoon 2 on roblox.

Seems like a fun game but the fov and fps makes me head hurty wurty.

Tried playing this but for some reason, in the first few days when the shower scene starts, it softlocks on the dialogue asking about where the noise of the water is coing from.

There was no previous passwords and its still unclear if all answers have to be typed in all caps with no spaces, or if thats how they appear in the clues. Its been 3 weeks and I still have not had any other ideas pop up on how to access N2.

fun game, just takes too much work to find all of the hidden things to figure out what card it is, with the intro having to play everytime. So far all I found was 3 different interactions to gurantee a card right. Still have no clue what the skeleton does. 6/10, good game too much work for tits and whatever else is at the end.

Found a bug where after the first mermaid girl scene the camera stops responding to the mouse and it gets stuck staring in one direction. I was able to fix by talking to someone but still rather annoying.

Well I like the idea of this, but im already stumpped on the password for the second RAR file, so I cant really do anything more.

The game, it messes with my head, it gets in your brain it just messes with everything. You expect the unexpected for the letters but then are still suprised. Up to Elephant it was fine, then things took a turn. Nobody would expect the tomato to be the picture for the word "fruit", heck, most people dont even know it is a fruit. You think you know what K is, then it turns out that the kangaroo is actually Joey, so then what would K be? It is basically the most intense psychological brain tease in the world. The repeated clicking after you fail gets to the point where you mindlessly blurt the names of each object out loud without knowing it. The anger builds up as you guess with no clue of what letter could possibly be represented by which picture. Guessing it right doesnt ease the pain, it only makes it worse when you figure out what the word was, and realize how stupid you were, then you question on whether you are stupid, or if the game is illogical in what picture was represented by what picture. I spent nearly 30 minutes and could only get to K before I felt my mind slipping.

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I am only at H but I am determined to beat this. I cannot even explain how much I hate this though, but nonetheless I will conquer this hell

I gave up, I just cant.

Really works out the fingers i use to finger blast your mom.