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If you have the desktop program, it'll show an update option in your games library. If you're downloading straight from the website, then downloading the updated game should do it. (The old file to be deleted)

I adore this game so much! I've played a few routes in its entirety now, as well as the side stories, and I have nothing but good things to say about it! I love the CG a lot. They're all seriously so good. The character designs and how each character progresses throughout the story are fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every character, learning about them, and just, being there to bare witness to and involve the Hunter in their lives. Gorgeous game!

Okay, so I actually finished playing this a few days ago and I've had some time to process it. Well, my conclusion is that I genuinely love and adore this game so much. It has shot to first place on my favorites in the visual novel genre. 

From the art, to the characters, to the storyline and game mechanics. Every single character we interact with is so genuine and passionate, and I could not and will not stop saying that. I could relate to everyone in one way or another, and it's so heartwarming that it's not just a romantic affair. It delves into friendships, building them over time. It's so interesting to learn more about everyone's lives and how they handle different situations. That sounds so much like real life, and I am so glad that it does. These characters have life breathed into them. Not only that, but the MC grew as well. 

I hope everyone gets to play this game at least once. It's marvelous. Thank you to the entire team for creating and developing this game. Thank you so very much. 

I absolutely cannot wait for this!! Murder mystery and Yaoi. My favorite ahah

I'm not sure where the questionnaire is, exactly, but i love the game so far!! I'm really happy you used the renpy engine, too since it's easier to understand + all those lovely save slots~!!^^ 

As for suggested improvements.. It took me a while to realize the FAME stats and FB number of "fans/following" were basically the same thing, so i hope you could tell us about that at some point - like when we first get to open the computer.

There was a scene with Hikaru where our character walks in on him accidentally, and it's just a personal preference, but i really just wanted to leave because of how persistent my character was about the autograph. It just made me not want my own character to do well in the game. I understand it's part of his personality, though, so that's alright~!

I really loved the customization choices at the mall, and i'm very excited to see the rest of the stores! The love interests are actually very charming. You've done great on them! I hope there will be more dialog for the side characters just so it's more fun to look around and talk to others. 

Lastly.. I'm still surprised that this is done in Indonesia?? If only i was in Jakarta, i would've loved to help out somehow! I hope the project goes really well for you all. Good luck~!!^^

The artwork is absolutely wonderful. I initially started off with microbiology since you wrote that you've mostly completed that, but after trying out the other subjects as well, i absolutely cannot wait for Philosophy! I'm actually going to go read Demian. It's interesting so far.

I'm anticipating the updates in the future~ Good luck!

Made an account just to comment and follow you~ I hope i don't miss the release of this! Good luck on the continuation of this wonderful project^^