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When I use 3D Camera Look At 3D Object, how to get the contents of obj file? Thanks.

you can share the video to gdevelop channel, they might help you publish.

So you means that you   code all  the part?

I suggest to do   like    have    democratic system, if    lose  then game over

And when press   a building can play game   about   a topic to earn more.

Share link to me if you really really make a tutorial 馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ

Take care and thank you for   your    reply   .

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I    got some question and suggestion.


Have you use    extension  ?     You create the extension by your own or what extension you    use?

When you making this game,   are you using the City Builder gdevelop   example game? Or create your own?(the example too confusedXD)

Are your  programming mostly   using coding?

I   not manage  to make   like   when you   build  a  house  then your money will deducted.


You can change the t ime to days,  season,  year.Make the  time slower. Can make  festival   acctivity according to  the season.

The music   can change    randomly according to the season, time.

Anyway, Hope you can make improvement and    win in next Gdevelop game jam!

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Actually, almost all part I don't   know.馃槀馃槀馃槀

I   have   try   to   use  and edit the example City Builder   but     I not  understand. No one teach  in youtube     now.    I  give   my suggestion to    Gdevelop  to make this type tutorial  but they say   need wait along   time.

Can you make an tutorial  at youtube or    explain    through youtube?

Really thanks.

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Wonderful   game!

Can you share how do you do that ?  

Or take pic     on    the  coding part?        I want to learn

Really thanks .

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May I download to play and edit the  project?

If cant, can you take some pic and    share  the code  ?   I want    to    learn.

Really thanks!