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A member registered Jun 13, 2018

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I've start by wanting to "draw", but drawing mechanics are pretty limited already (maybe you can give more option than only doing line ? to exploit much better the "creative experience" you want to share). But the problem is that when i want to draw i don't really care about the creatures  (so except seeing things moving around, i don't know why they are here) The line don't have limit (Maybe the line can self destruct  when no creatures goes through it after a short amount of time ?)

Then i've played trying to reach the more creatures as possible, but doing this is not really meaningful. The only way to do so, is only by repeating the same action, over and over again  ^^  (And you should fix the lag due to creatures numbers !)

The sound is pretty relaxing and cool ! :)

It's free so it's still cool to share that kind of  demo, and i'm sure with more improvement the game can be enjoyable !