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Any luck with a reply in the last month? It's odd it's taking them so long!

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If you keep having problems with support not getting back to you, I suppose you could get Steam keys directly from Steam and send them by email to all owners of the game? If that were the case, it'd be also be a good idea to send an email to customeres to ask if they are interested in one and to have them reply with their unique download link to confirm their ownership of the game.

I claimed the game in the same giveaway and had already made an account prior to that, and had linked my Steam account with it, and I do not see a button for the Steam key. I've heard itch has issues with Steam keys in general, especially with pages that didn't have Steam keys before...good luck with the support, anyway!

Good luck figuring things out! Do let all of us know if and when you get a response, as I can't see a button to get a Steam key on my download page either.

Just a heads up, the first link has changed. Here is the new link for Misfortune Advance (GBA):

Happy to be of help! :)

It looks like the links are mixed up; the link leads to the steam page and the steam link leads to the page!

Thanks so much, it works now!

It doesn't seem like the community copies are working, unfortunately. The link keeps redirecting back to the game's page rather than the one where you can claim the copy.

Yes I did, it was helpful. Thank you very much!

I can't seem to download or claim it on here, unfortunately. There doesn't even seem to be a buy button.

It worked, thanks so much!

Perhaps you should make this game claimable to our accounts like you did with The Door! 2? Unless you wish not to, of course.

I can't seem to claim this in the sale (bundle or direct link to the game) nor the community copies.

It was a strange problem! I figured out too late what went wrong on my end and it was the opposite of what you suggested; I kept trying to download it from the game page rather than the sale page and based on later experience, that would have completely solved the problem! Luckily, I was able to claim this game as a community copy thanks to someone's generous donation. Nonetheless, thank you for your timely response and help! I hope to be able to play this game with others sometime, perhaps around 2022's holiday season, or to at least read through it and be able to leave a rating and review. It's the least I could do, after all this kerfuffle!


I recently claimed a community copy of this game on here, and once I was able to, I purchased it on Steam as well (alongside DLCs for the games available there) to show my appreciation for lovely and cute games like the ones in this collection that also deal with hard-hitting and important topics. Once I set aside some time to play it, I will be sure to leave a review and rating, and to notify others who may be interested in it as well.

I keep running into this error while I try to claim the game during your "3 Free Games" Sale: There was an error generating the download URL, please try again. I'm not sure if it's something on my end. Also, I get directed to the Community Copy Donation regardless of what download or claim/"get for" button I click, although it still says the game is on sale at $0.00.

Hi, I just requested two of your other games, and as my final request, I would like to request both this game and VoyageE, the fanmade sequel to NaissanceE. I am requesting it here as I don't see any comments sections or discussion board on its page, and I believe you listed your email only for press and business purposes. I apologize for bothering you and thank you for providing us with unique experiences you don't often find in mainstream gaming!

Thanks in advance, and once again, here is my email address:


I just requested one of your other games, Wonders between Dunes, on its comment section, and if you don't mind, I would like to request this game as well. If you just want to fulfill one of my download requests, I completely understand. I don't mean to come off as pushy, I just really enjoy the screenshots I have seen from your games so far and I'd love to experience them for myself.

Thanks in advance, and here's my email address again:

May I get a download of this game? It looks visually stunning and is just the kind of world I would love to be absorbed into and get lost in! My email address is:

Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing your other creations!