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my guy i really need to hear Katie's side of the story here, dunno im still kinda uncomfortable

it's okay pal uwu

you can download games that are compatible with your macbook only, it´s normally a .Zip archive instead of a .exe, i´ve downloaded a bunch of games plus gamejolt and from other places, i even think i barely have any appstore games XD

please make an IOS version i finally earn money so i can buy it

Thank you! what do you mean by low percentage? do i have to be low on life or there's a small chance i'll get it if i fight the otter?

where do you find mint?

yeah! what they said! good job pal! :D

welcome to the VN! :D

how do i unlock the last story?

Is there a good ending for Remus? i got both when you stay behind and the one you leave him can you bring him along?, oh and can you get a romance ending with Luke?

I think so?, I don't really know for sure.

AJSJSJSJSJSJSJ I'm so glad my fetish awakening helped you

You are very welcomed, my dear kinky person

Rather die than text anyone first and hit on Remus hard to see what i mean

This update awaken something in me...   (._:)

and yeah it´s because of the Remus sex-scene

Go days without sleep mostly, and probably engage in sex and vore.

You go tired and without eating, that's how most of the bad ends work, be sure to save beforehand because once you get it you won’t be able to roll back.

PD if you have any info on how to get Zorro's OK, so you can work for kuri it'll be extremely appreciated.

what letter is the bad timeline?

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I asked just to see if something changed ever since I played his route a year ago, GOD if his route wasn't traumatizing, tho i always kind of get why people would be so in love with this guy, he's basically the embodiment of a nostalgia for your first love and all the "what would have happeneds" that surrounds him, like you know you have to move on, but they'll always have a place in your heart for all they meant, even if you were incredibly toxic for each other, but in the end you need to let go...

That and he is hot XD, chingas a tu madre cada vez que respires pinche perro todo toxico y culero, (for everyone that doesn't speak spanish  "lysm <3 latino solidarity")

Also, P.D. while I didn’t particularly like TJ´s route I’ve always loved how they perfectly portray how toxic his desire for vengeance is but how afraid he is to act upon it himself, having to rely on others to fight for him, even manifesting to an extent as a sort of twisted wish fulfillment love sick chase that acts as his abuser and Knight in shining armor doing everything TJ ever wanted to be done.

what thing?

IDK why but it wont let me read the stories, and everytime i try to clic on one of th weekdays of any characters it crashes my game.

at what point in his route is the new CG?

 can you only beat ares thru pacifism? (BTW THANK YOU FOR THE MAC VERSION ;u;)

yeah, it says to push forward or something along those lines, yet i don’t know where to go next i tried to go to the exiled area but nothing happens

I have investigated the swamp and the misty abyss and nothing has happened :c, well aside from the exiled reptile

i went to the forest and it told me to investigate swamp (in the new werewolves event) but i cant progress anymore, do i need something, or do something in order to fight the vine werewolf?

No problem my dear person! anything to be able to play your game :3

Yup! i can play it :3

i used this video:


1. Open your Mac Terminal 

2. In Terminal, enter the following command:

 chmod +x

and that's it :3 it's very easy.

The way i've downloaded this, (and other games too) is with a youtube video on how to bypass the macs security with the terminal, it's not that complicated once you get the hang of it, don't know how to solve the problem in the developing sense but people might be able to download it this way, tell me if you'd like to write down the video or anything, i deeply want to play this.

Will there be a Mac version? ;n;

Someone hasn't toyed with my emotions like this since my ex! Nice work!

But hey! As a half Italian, I appreciate the pizza choice :3

Where do you find a collar? or how can you give caleb the second gift?

how do you unlock the hyper route?

Will there be a mac version?

Will there be a mac version?

if you say you want it with nameless, is it a game over?

On the browser version does anyone know how to beat the cat in Trald's 2nd hangout?

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how do i make Xer participate in the contest? and how do i find the thief’s treasure? and how do i unlock the golem passage? and how do i tame a wolbauk? (okay to many questions but i really don't know XD)