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Le compositeur/soundesigner que je suis est très flatté ! ; )

Merci beaucoup ! 

Yes, maybe the game should be a bit more advanced? As soon as you have progressed a bit in the design of the game, I could imagine the music but now it's a little too early I think. Contact me as soon as you have advanced a little, I will be delighted to be your composer!

I tried the prototype. Indeed, it is not a game yet. The project may interest me but I did not really understand the role of music in it.
Are you alone or do you already have a team?
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Hello everyone, if you are looking for a great composer for your great game, do not hesitate! I am available and will be happy to collaborate with a great team !!
Here is a link to my sound universe:
With pleasure!

that's it. I updated my browser and it works. My name is Wondard on Discord. Thanks

Hello I'm on the Discord but I can not find the channel of the jam

Invitation sent, I'm wondard in Discord.

yes I am still looking for a team. Thanks for the link soundcloud. No doubt I copied it badly!
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Hi guys! I am a video game composer and sound designer, and I am really interested in participating in this video game. The subject inspires me a lot! I'm just looking to have fun and create a fun game with a great team! I have already participated in several game jams. Feel free to listen to my musical creations : <a href="
See you soon !

Thanks !

Thanks !