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thank you, glad you like it!! :D

So excited for this!! Absolutely love the new logo and character designs <3 Also props to the person who did the UI – it has so much style!

<3 thank you!!

omg thanks so much Logan, really means a lot!!!

absolutely love the aesthetics of this!! very cool and fun :D

aww thank you, really appreciate it!!

thank you so much!! hahaha glad you enjoy eating fire noodles and can take the spiciness!

cute game, love how you used the music to signal time running out!! Really cool use of GB Studio's music editor!


NOVITA!!! Thank you so much, that's so sweet that you played it with your little bro!! Your comment really made my day! 😊

and dw I'm bad with spicy food too lmao 😂

aww thank you for playing, it really means a lot!! That's also one of my favourite parts, glad you discovered it haha :D

omg minkonn!!?! XD
thank you so much for playing and for writing such a kind comment, you are too nice!! TT
really really appreciate it!!

wow the vibes of this game are immaculate!!! 

Love how the player can interpret the story in their own way. My take was that it was about trying to find who you truly are - in order to meet others' expectations you show different faces, almost to the point of erasing part of yourself, however this leads to increasing disconnect to the world and people around you. But eventually you realise you must find peace within yourself.

I especially loved the mechanic of looking at your reflection to not lose yourself completely and to be able to keep going forward! Powerful stuff!!

Thank you for playing and for saying such kind words! so glad you enjoyed it!!

Thank you so much for such a detailed review!! Lots of great feedback we can hopefully apply to our next game :)

omg thank you for playing!! btw I really enjoyed Brightwood Village and that's what led me to check out GB Studio :) so I really appreciate your kind words!

thank you!! :D

Love this spooky take on Pokemon lore!! Amazing art and music that builds the tension throughout. Also I like how the cursor moves when something is interactable – nice touch!

oh wow thank you for playing!! Really appreciate it :)

Absolutely love the atmosphere of this game!! The visuals and sound really make it a standout entry. 

Was super fun to jump between each pot! I think the progression of difficulty could be improved but otherwise I had a fun time!

The controls were very easy to learn and the gameplay got me into the zone!

Absolutely adorable! What a cute and cozy platformer. Love it so much!!

This was so fun and addicting! As someone who doesn't usually play platformers I found this game very approachable – you created a really good learning curve!!

All the character designs are very cute, even the "scary" rabbits haha! The hiding mechanic is also very fun. I would have loved some music as I think that would have tied it all together, but otherwise nice work!

Cute lil caterpillar!! Love the wiggle!!

It was very easy to learn the mechanics. Super relaxing to play :) Great job!

Visually this looks stunning! The character movement also feels very natural and easy to control. Wish there was more!! Looking forward to seeing how you develop it further :)

A fun adventure! Got a bit stuck knowing how to switch rooms but otherwise I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere.

A great puzzle game! The artwork is super cute and I love all the different plants. You did a great job with increasing the difficulty with each new level – it kept me super engaged! Well done :)

Really nice artwork! The floating movement took me a bit to get used to but it was a fun challenge!!

I knew the hand jumpscare was coming and I still got scared haha!! I love the atmosphere you have created and I'd be keen to play an expanded version of this game if you choose to create one!

I enjoyed this game so much! The artwork is really nice and all the little details made the world so fun to explore. I like how I could either find the recipes or just experiment on my own. I felt very accomplished whenever I unlocked a new skill haha!

I also appreciate the tiny touches as well, like how the plants are outlined when the player is able to pick them up – this made it really easy to know what I could interact with.

Fantastic job!

That was a challenging but fun game! Love the character designs and animations. Pulling off a special attack was also very satisfying!!

I got 202 days! I really enjoyed the increasing complexity over time – the mechanics were easy to learn at the start and all the additional upgrades later on made it fun to strategise!  Also big bonus points for having a save function!!

This game has such a cool mechanic. It was a great feeling when I got used to controls and started swinging around the levels hahaha!. Amazing job!!

I really enjoyed playing through each chapter and seeing Lara's life at different stages. So much detail, character and heart has been packed into every scene! This was a really cool and unique interpretation of the plant theme, and I especially liked how you explored themes of love and grief to create a very memorable experience.

was very satisfying to watch things explode!! 

The different seed types are super fun and the raccoon happy dance is so cute!!

This game oozes charm! I love all the environments and character designs – the character avatars in particular made me chuckle! The dodging parts also kept me on my toes. Amazing job!!

thank you so much!!