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hm weird. but really no worries whatsoever! it was a total non issue 

RockRobin community · Created a new topic minor issue

okay when I loaded  my saved game it reset bits of the tutorial (like robin and emmitts convo when you click gigs for the first time) it didnt delete progress just showed me the scene again and it reset my set options to default also Dallas's christmas scenes didn't trigger and I only knew I missed something because of dialogue that didnt make sense so I loaded to an older save.  and then it worked okay not sure what was up with that? not a huge deal but might be a one off but just wanted to give you a heads up! overall tho amazing game. I love robin shes such an interesting character and I cant wait to read the rest 

I actually gasped when I saw you were making another game! GASPED! Im really excited for this!! and while I basically never buy VNs (cuz im sad and broke) Im going to HAVE to buy this because I loved legend of the winged ones so much its like in my top 3 all time faves tbh. And I bet youll knock it out of the park again with this!!! ahh!!! it looks so cool already!!! Im not a demo person cuz of my severe impatience and tendancy to play entire games in one sitting, but I just needed to say how stoked I am about this!!!!!!!!!

wow I used alot of exclamation points...oops.