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I played the beta version and in my opinion it's a super improvement of the prototype! The background music is really nice and the new UI is intuitive: I finally truly got how the game works and managed to escape from the island! I played a couple of times because a f*cking tiger killed me the first time (my boat was almost done 馃槶), so I think I spent an hour in total on the game and never got bored. Well done guys!

Hi guys! I tried the beta version and I think it is a big improvement of the (already good) prototype, so congrats! 馃槉 I didn't have time yet to play all the levels, but I found a couple of bugs you may want to fix. You can check them in my gameplay video at 06:40 and 13:30. Sorry for the low quality of the gameplay but my laptop is super bad and it was lagging as fuck 馃槄

Nice job with this prototype guys! I like the concept and I think you're doing fine with the realization as well. However,  I managed to craft all the objects but I didn't find how to use them and I didn't get what to do with the fire and how to keep it lit. A menu and a suggestive background music would also be nice add-ons in my opinion. 馃槉