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This is only a test version, and author is stop make?

Test again, may be you play long time.

Yes, it is uncensored.

If you want a better version, you can go patreon $16 one time.




Need finished it first.

2 years later

Please use 7zip. And redownload it to unzip.

This time fix it.

This time fix it.

This time fix it.

This time fix it.

I dont know why. I will download it to test.

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update it, please test it

I can install it, what is wrong?

OK, I will test update one time.

I will test it again, but need some days later. And this time only you tell me it is not to use : (

I hope it is my problem, because it can be fix. 

I use iphone but I test it in my friend's android. It can use.

I dont know Android,  but my phone test is ok, maybe you need update system new version? 

resetup IE 11, change default confirm. redownload game and reunzip game.I hope you can play it.

Test update your IE 11 or default IE 11's content.

Stop your antivirus software

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Yes, 2.50 is the new version

Use new version.

This is freedom rpg, all big lines need in guild to get mession.

That all in game.

May be you need like 100% content :P

Oh, two years, please wait. T_T

Hello, everyone.

This is my next game, do you like it?

Cursed armor I is here, you can know what is my game.

Cursed armor II is here. We are excited to continue development and share updates on itch!

And here is my patreon.

Thanks and enjoy!