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Thank you for your detailed feedback, I definitly will update this project in the future - i think it calls to be a mobile game. It was so much fun to make this prototype. 

I never reached a point over 2 minutes in development, so I never reached the "end of the logs" - but I will fix this. The fog-effect was planned but was (together with coins to collect) a victim of the short time of the jam. 

Thank you!

Oh yes, you are so right. I was not sure if it was too easy to beat of if I just found the perfect line to drive by trying it about 1.000.000 times while development. ^^

Thank you for your feedback!

Definitly, thanks for your feedback. I wish I had more time for those small projects to finish.

I am sorry, I don't have an active linux installation to debug the build - it was just a shot into the blue with the unity-build function. 

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Just added one. Have fun. 

I am sorry, I should not upload a game without enough sleep. I just uploaded a corrected version that should run fine. I also added a linux and a MacOS version. 

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! This bug was now found by at least three different players on three different occasions, it is a collision-error which lets you drop through the ground under some circumstances. Sorry for that, it will be fixed in an update (after the game-jam voting period). 

Twice? Hmm. I think I need a “game-jam-testing-team“ for the next jam. Coder = tester leaves too many bugs -.- 

Looks like you found one of the major bugs. ^^

Well, it was initially designed as an Android game, but I did not figure out to optimise the graphic effects for mobile.

Wow, I like your style of making youtube videos without many (spoken) words. Sometimes less talking talks more! 

And thank you for showcasing my work! It's cool that you made it so far. Did not think that somebody really reaches Level 6 ^^

Thank you for your feedback! I really have to use more time for sound-work.  I am more of a graphics programmer, so it happens that the sound of everything i make could need a little more commitment.

Laughed out loud at the main without an attachment. Meta-ness at it's best, really fun to play. 

Yeah, thought about a bright flashing warning that this could happen - but did not want to give it away to early ;) 

Thank you for your feedback, that really means much to me. I always say if a game makes at least one person have fun, its worth making.  So: mission accomplished.

There will be some updates on the click-mechanics anywhere in the near future. For a full game it would need 100+ levels. We will see how many of those I can make before I am out of ideas. ;) 

Actually you can control the balls direction, e.g. if you click it on the top right side, it will change direction to the bottom left. (Technically: the direction vector is changed to the vector from the clicking-point on the balls surface to the balls center). 

But I definitely see what you are talking about. I did not figure out a way with a paddle that did not block to much of the view. Maybe I will add an arrow to the ball to show the direction if you click a certain point. I think there will be an update in near future.

Thank your for your feedback! 

Just added a Windows Edition for download. Hope you can enjoy the game  this way (Unfortunately it lacks a meta-layer, because it is not running on a virtual laptop-screen). 

Just added a downloadable Windows edition. Strange that it did not work in your browser, could not find any problems in my tests. Which browser did you try? 

oh, that's pretty strange. There should be a Unity player loading inside the laptop screen. Which os and browser are you using? Maybe I can find out what's happening there.