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Hi, I found this game recently, and while I'm enjoying my time with it, I do have a question. The images where the character is uncolored or just plain white, those are basically sketch images of the characters, yes? I'm assuming that they're unfinished and will eventually be colored in future versions.

I like what's going on in that house.

It looks pretty good so far! I think a good improvement would be to make a clear goal for taking part in the food contest, other than to get bigger. Maybe a weight goal or an opponent who's getting bigger alongside your character.

This is cool!

So I bought the game (which means I'm not gonna buy the Steam build when it comes out, that'd be redundant), downloaded, and I noticed that there are two applications: WorshippersoftheGain and WorshippersoftheGain-32. Is there a difference between them? Like is one a cheat/dev build of the game?

What actually happens if you try to use an older version save?

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This is hecking amazing so far! I love it! Reminds me so much of older JRPGs, like Breath of Fire. Although I only vaguely remember playing 3 and 4, though.

If I could give my suggestions/opinions, there could be a button meant for dashing/running, and there could also be a separate animation for characters defending if that's possible.

edit: Golden Sun too, I forgot to mention that. It really reminds me of a number of JRPGs I've played.