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I played the Game for a while now and no matter what I do, I only find 10 Endings. It has come to the point where I am just frustrated and its bugging me, its like an Itch I can't Scratch.

I found the Following Endings:

The one where you find the Dad

The Ending where you leave

Sitting on Top of the Mountain Alone

Sitting on Top of the Mountain with your Friend

The Pedestal Ritual

When you try to find all 37 Skins 

When you kill 10 or more People and Go to Sleep

Of course just going to Sleep



and gettting caught and put into Jail.

Can someone tell me which Ending I am missing and tell me how to get it? I tried putting Flowers on People but it didn't help, same result as killing 10 or more people and going to Bed. (At least I think its 10 or more People. I just tried to get the 37 Skins and one Time went to Bed before I could finish ingame and one Time got the one with the Hand.)

Thanks for any Help!

Deadeus community · Created a new topic Amazing

Got me back into GB Emulation and also into making my own Game!

I tried to go for the 37 Skins Ending and found another one than the one I saw in a Video and loved it! Eleven Endings is just so much potential to play and play again!
Awesome Art, Incredible Game, thank you so much for making this!