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awe man...hey, do you plan to make a new game in the future?

Will this ever come out for Android?

Maybe in the future you can make it for mobile devices? 馃憠馃憟

I'd love to see this on android (*麓蠅锝*)

I've just been pressing the play button at the top lol thank you though. I wish there was a way to save progress...this game deserves more recognition!

hehe yessir yesssssir~ I'm sure there are guides in the web about porting, but it could still be tricky. I say just take your time. Rome wasn't built in a day ( 陥嶀礂陥)

Ok, that sounds good 馃檪 I hope you get lots and lots of support! I'm rooting for ya!

Do you think you can make this for android? I'd love to play it sometime

How exactly do you download it for Android? All I'm getting is a couple files that I can only read

Can you post the download link on here? It isn't on Google play

Are you able to make this for android? Maybe add some more...exotic...scenes? Just for us ladies out here hehe gotta give monster men some love too!

When will the new version be out? <3