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Yeah, I just tried both and had the same problem and I'm on Windows 10. I'm not sure if it would make any difference but my controller isnt an official xbox controller, I've never had any problems with it before though :/ I cant connect my official ones to check though

I really like  this game, its really fun to play but I have one problem. I'm trying to play with an xbox 360 controller and everything seems to work well except when I press the A button it respawns like the Y button instead of hopping and the B button does a mixture of hopping and pedalkicking which doesn't work very well... great game though :)

I've had this problem too and if you haven't found a temporary solution already, I've found that if you bring a weapon just out of the front door they will come and grab it if its the weapon they want, if not bring a different type of weapon out until theytake it and leave then the next customer will come