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I dont know why, but whenever I try to play the game it skips so bad starting at the intro. I cant even move around  without it skipping and it makes the game unplayable for me. Ive tried playing on the lowest setting and it helps with the skipping a little but its still bad. I've tried to play multiple times through out a few months and I still get the same skipping. The game seems really interesting but it sucks when I cant even play it. 

I love this game so much!!! I couldn't leave it alone until I finished it! I really hope you are planning to create more games in this universe! I loved the concept of the gems and changing a murder. Please make more like this. 

I love this game so much. I'm actually about to start a college course that goes over coding and this is helping me a lot with learning some the basics. I can't wait for more updates!!!!!

OMG this game! XD I was totally not expecting that ending.