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85 rank B T^T

I always held Meowmie when I went to bed.. T^T

*Loud red buzzer noise*


I really don't wanna talk about this. It's been 48 years now

Was the player schizophrenic?

How do I progress through the day, I'm stuck in the morning

Why does it keep putting me in the tutorial even after I died? It is preventing me from talking to the first dude to get archer stuff

I only beat this once before, but I can never express how excited I was when I got the king to 120 health >:3

...I feel so dumb right now ;~;

(Thank you, this game is outstanding)

...Archer run number 94832.

Second enemy TvT

Okay, I just wanted to say this made me cry, and stuff like movies, or games, never make me cry but this just broke my heart, and I feel like this game was amazing, creative, and kind of eye opening. I love this game, very sad tho. (Bro the part where I grabbed the two treats in the hall and going back to the door which was now locked, I was already like "oh shit, I swear to god if i have to go back-" the chase sequence was extremely scary. gud job)

Can't blame him, he was hungry.

Legit one of my new favorite things

Why the fuck is this game like 100x better then like 97% of the fnaf fan games? I have a love-hate relationship with this game. (I like this game alot)

Did i just get fucking rickrolled by a poster?

I must repeat, you are a legend, this is automatically one of my new favorite itch games

This just gave me pokemon vibes so hard at the start, and then I wake up in a room shockingly similar to pokemon. I already love this game lol

Hey! I have a question, when i try to put my gauntlet up after it shifted down when i got a new space to the left on that row, it won't let me put the gauntlet up that space. Why is that?

Is this available for ps92843 because the graphics are next gen


Oh! No problem, and i'd prefer multiple short episodes, just because so it's like a: "Make your day a lil bit happier" type of thing!

Space + up for 2nd phase is *CHOK*

*double clicks concentrate and missed the "not for to long" and scared the frick outta me*

*Continues vibing another 4 hours to the music*

I love this series so much! It has to be my favourite series rn. Thank you for making an episode three, and i hope it continues!

I'd like to report a glitch, (Maybe a glitch) When you put in the code for the roman numericals, if you click the lever before it opens completely, it will open both options at the same time.

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Dam, shouldnta scrolled down mid playthrough


By the way, Calebjross, I let my nephew, 7 years old, play. And  after i asked: "What do you think about this game?" He said: "I think it's cool, and it makes me feel like a detective!". :)

Ah, Sorry if it came across a confusing way. I meant, When you release the full game, are you able to make the full version Html or browser play as well?
And right now it is running fine on html.

Celebjross, This is one of- If not- My favorite games by far, and I'd love if it was a full game, also if it was available for html play! 

Yo, Just to let you know, When you press start, and try to go back to the (press a and b at the same time) screen, it will crash.