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thanks :)

how do i open the letter from tomas? i clicked everywhere on the letter but it wont oper

idk if its just a me problem , after the consert and the person asking for help i get this screen, i can see drawings but not the room...

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well i cant get the light on in the basement (that room in the pic and thats what i have for items) and the pocket watch and the whiskey bottle filled with water. 

edit: i also dont know what to do with the ouija board and didnt open the 2nd safe yet

im stuck, the walkthrough i found seem to have been from an earlier version so not helping me :(

i cant play as i cant see my mouse so idk where im clicking...

amazing game but it would be nice if we could rewatch the tutorial or at least something to remember what each symbols for the choices mean

why on earth do i want a route with Jack?? im so weird...

just started the game and

is it just me or is the divine speaker so damn hot

damn thats an uncool place to stop the demo ahhhhh!!

love the demo thought