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thanks mate.

i can't find it sry

i can't find the mysterius figure in the kitcher in aftrnoon do someone know where can i find it?

it ist bad but little bit hard

When will be next update?

0.06 is for patreon

when will be update 0.05 downloadable on itch?


preaty good the animation is great and the story is wanderful please continue in what are you doing.

thanks for replay i can't wait to see it.

i loved the charcters are awesome the story is great and funny. i can't wait for more updates .

thanks that would be great.

very good i didn't think it would be this good.

will there be something with dad?

when will be update

really good VN. Characters aregood made and the story is good too i can't wait to see what will happen next.

when will you update this vn a realy love it

realy good vn i can't wait for update

really good VN art is cool with good emotion and the story is great. please continue in what are you doing.

i love this VN more and more

really good, i like it

will be update soon?

very good game but the characters wont die and now i can't win the fight with viola

take as much time as you want 

when i saw this vn i didn't thing, it would be this good. Charachters are very good made and the story is good too. 

good job with this vn i really like it.

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i cant believe that when a play this vn a would want to play it again good work.

this game is very good the charakters are good and story is good too 

thank you 

i can't find anything

thanks for hint

do someone know the password for day 3 i can't find it.

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this vn is awesome. the story is awesome too i can't wait for another update.

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this VN is realy good a can't wait for update. Gj 

is this VN still updating?

its fine we can wait. take your time 

is there a good ending ?