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I'm really enjoying this so far, but the Oniris devices should definitely indicate how close you are getting to their optimal location while you are holding them. Or maybe some other system for tracking their position.

Oh boy, this is hella promising! I really hope there's an option for mustelids (weasels, ferrets, otters) soon!


Yes, that is the end of the demo so far. Thank you for trying it out.

I hope to provide a good simulacrum of the gist of conventions, furry or not!

Thanks for the encouragement! Your review is what made me want to return to it!

Thank you for the feedback! Yes, I am working on this, and the end product is a bit ambitious. I mean, that clock is not there just for looks. I do want to recreate diverse aspects of a furry convention across 3 days! It's taking a bit longer than I expected, with less time for myself now that the quarantine is easing up, but I hope I can get Day 1 made soon! I hope not to disappoint!

It's a bit of a work in progress, but thanks for the input!

Haha, never had I ever played anything like this! Excellently done!

Sounds like a strangely translated Argentinian praise. XD