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Wolfe Verikuu

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I did not intend for it to get out of hand at all. It is because of said other games wasting space on the site I'm getting tired of seeing em. Especially when they take money without having even so much as a demo. While this dev did give one eventually after shutting down patreon payments till they come back a lot of em don't. it is one of the reasons I believe that such requirements are needed. I understand the advertising and update aspect however unlike preordering a game (to use your example) there is no guarantees of a project, refund if said project fails or worse was fake, or really any repercussions at all for taking the money and running. By requiring a demo at least those who spend money would get something if the dev decides to stop. The only other option that i foresee stopping this would be to ban other methods of the dev gaining money for the project except through itch itself with severe consequences. I see major backlash for this decision though hence the preference for the demo method. I do agree. I don't have any game programming experience, though I have written storylines and various quest info for a friends jrpg and its sequel. I don't believe that counts though. As for my intense response the person earlier today it was because they brought up facts unrelated to the argument entirely based on their own assumption without any facts to back it up. I could care less about the porn aspect. I was following for the fact they plan to make it with major focus on the originals gameplay mechanics, the fact they planned on it being free, and the fact that itch suggested it based on another dev I liked whose taste In games I trust. Not to mention the insults they brought to the argument suggest ableist, sanist, and/or Eugenics beliefs that are a step too far even for me. I am not pissed at the dev (mainly their responses but we have both accepted we went to far.) I even left the conversation without responding to many of the people trying to goad me back and get me banned again. Including a rather racist bigot who recognized my name on a message board and went far enough to receive an ip ban over there over this. I've even tried to at least explain my reasoning using logic instead of emotions and people still assume I'm being rude still. Maybe my phrasing off? Thoughts for later. As for the free time thing. My jobs require me to finish whatever I'm working on before I can go on break. The means my breaks can be at anytime of day except when I'm asleep... which also changes based on the project deadline. I load on to itch to check updates on the games I follow and see I got replies which I read even if I don't respond. this post wasn't even intended as an insult or criticism originally, but a genuine question considering what's Been going on on itch. I only responded so rudely after said question got nothing but insults from the dev. So I do apologize for how bad it got. Btw why do people think death threats are an appropriate go to for this topic? I've gotten a few from people hunting me down on other sites including a rather graphic one including what they would do to my nephew over my corpse.

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It had nothing to do with it being a porn game asshole. Not once did I mention that. Apparently someone has dicks on the mind. My arguments were about the fact the page had no demo... on a site that is in the middle of developers dropping projects and wasting the space, and the fact that the devs first response to criticism was insults. While ill admit the argument got out of hand, I still stand by the fact that itch should have a rule requiring demos. Preferably with updates within a certain timeframe to stay on the site until the game is out of development. That last one is unlikely however. Also you entering a clearly over argument with insults and facts unrelated to the mentioned argument, directed at a person who clearly returns vitriol with vitriol says a lot about your comprehension abilities. Actually as I type that I realize if that's the case I should use smaller words. I wasn't going to come back to this argument considering it was over but oblivion take us someone had to come in with more insults then even I threw out. Including a few that might get ya banned from the site with today's pc culture.

Im asking for basic quality control. Also I dont see you telling the same thing to the dev who started with the childish behavior. 

Its them insulting and calling names yet again. I really don't see why people are supporting this guy when his first reaction to critique is insulting the other person. Especially now that their abandoning their project.

It devolved into childish banter the moment the dev started insulting. At this point ill stop when their either banned from the site. Or the site itself is shut down. Whichever comes first.

says the guy who keeps replying. What happened to not having time to dev? Also look who suddenly released a demo after saying it wasn't near ready.

How is that an l? Your getting down voted by your fan base without my help. Even if I'm getting more of em it goes to show that some of em agree with me. Especially since you have admitted you won't be finishing this project of yours.

Whats actually funny is the fact I haven't been XD. That's all on others. I've just been responding to people.

The books are unfortunately self published in paperback in my hometown using my grandparents book binder. If you can find a copy let me know cause they made it a lot farther then I thought since I only know of 5 cities in about 100 miles (160 km for those across the pond) radius  that keep em in stock. The Blood Moon legacy. Bout an elemental shaman working a farm. (Not to be confused with blood legacy, a  cultivation novel i found out exist from others who have asked in the past XD it also started my wuxia phase after I read it to make sure I didn't accidentally steal someone's idea) As for the argument ill admit it got out of hand. Though that's more cause I'm A big believer in returning what you receive twofold. Kindness for kindness, insults for insults, broken limbs for broken limbs. It was originally started because I've noticed a trend of devs taking money and not finishing projects and here was a recommended one that didn't even have a demo or anything but a link to discord. So I mentioned that itch needs to have a requirement of a demo for a page to be created as assurance that you would get something. No insults (originally) until the dev came in pitching a fit and insulting me. I won't stand for that especially when I didn't start with anything insulting. It felt like brining up a topic just to be punched in that face for speaking. Your English is fine. Its a hard language for native speakers let alone someone trying to learn it. Especially with different slang and sayings depending on where you live changing the meaning of something.

Actually I was pointing out that itch Needs posting requirements now that so many devs have been taking money and not finishing their projects. Your the one who came in spitting insults right and left. All I did was return vitriol with vitriol doubling the amount i recieved before sending it back.So if anyone has issues its you for assuming. Also months? Then how the hell do you not have a working demo? Btw if you expect to make it in the game dev business my reactions to your responses are fairly tame from what it can be. Especially with you making a parody game that may others have made as well.

I do. I work 2 jobs, have a garden, on top of having a few decent selling books. How bout you stop lazing around asking for success from nothing and actual release something? Oh wait you can't without a fan base singing your praises before you even will. And even then you don't come up with your own idea but rip off 4 other games.

And how about you actually develop a game and stop complaining when people call you out on shit? If this is how you act before you even do any work I expect you'll be as much a failure of a dev as you parents were at raising you

why is this here if its not even out? Seriously itch needs to start requiring people to upload at least a demo when they create a page for a creation.

I also remember when it was mentioned it was going to stay free till the games was completely finished. As in all acts done, all fixes, all updates. What about that?

And your game will have less plays.

Well the methods in the FQ&A didnt work. Mobile browsers dont keep saves and Joiplay doesnt work.

So what happened to this? Y'all haven't really said anything so just curious

Nice to see it on here now. Unfortunately your still using quest so being a mobile player im still screwed and not in the fun way XD

Depends on your luck. Despite what everyone else on itch says I've always had a 30/70 split in if a game works with joiplay. And unfortunately for me... Its not in my favor. You can try joiplay maybe ya will habe better luck. Yeah its on Google play

Honestly? As long as this long night in a tent finally ends im happy XD. But jokes aside thanx for letting us know and keeping us updated. Not a lot of devs do so anymore. And its fine we understand things happen irl. No need for apologies for that kind of delay.

Yeah. Always have had issues with. Its why I hate it when devs act like is the holy fix all tool for android and don't make an apk. I have never had an issue with an apk but joiplay? Not. A. Single. Game. Not one has worked. And the devs for those games basically go sucks for you now since you ain't able to play my game screw off my page. So apologies for the way I phrased that last one. But yeah no error message notjing. Just a blank screen then crash. Every game on joiplay.

Wrong. Joiplay  doesn't even get these screens.  Just a blank screen then crash.

Trying to play via joiplay and I get a white screen. trying html viewers I get that I need java. And the browser version doesn't keep saves. Can you please just gives us an apk. I want to play so bad but not being able to continue where I was every time I open the browser version is getting super annoying.

Naw was just rolling in its grave.

Its probably because it was free for most of its life and the dev doesn't do it for a living. Only as a hobby. If updates were more consistent on a set schedule it would make sense. but now its a few days from a year without updates and their charging for a most likely dead project they will never finish. (This is not supposed to be bashing or whatever its called now. I'm told im bad at phrasing things and it always sounds like I'm angry so apologies if that's the case here)

Everyone who downvoted you because you mentioned letting someone else take over instead of canceling can just screw off. Its a valid opinion and option. Especially for something with so much potential. Why let it die when some else can carry the torch?

Well this sucks. Only thing i was excited for canceled. This is becoming a trend on itch.

Boo. Guess i wont be playing it unless a wealthy furry comes and finances a pc for me then.

Looks like ill be following the game. Im always looking for more games with pregnancy

Does that include the adorible ami? Also please let us take our allies from the manor to battle just imagining ami biting an enemy or Emma curb stomping one is such a beautiful image

Well... My tablet doesnt like this method either. No offense but since i cant play this im unfollowing so my feed doesn't have games I can't play.

Well guess ill have to drop this one then. Joiplay doesnt work on my device.

This. The fact its a game that "can be played with one hand" and doesn't have a mobile port is saddening. Not to mention the dev never replies to requests for it.

If not guess ill move on. Only reason i was watching the updates was for a release i can actually play without having to go drop a grand on a pc.

They may not want it but mind telling me XD knotting is knotting.


Yall planning an android port as well since yall are back?

Right?! I keep waiting for him to just be right in our fzce when we wake up one morning like "lazing around huh? Did your frget what i taught you?"

Not going to lie i downloaded this mainly because i had played the others on my recommended. However this quickly became one of my favorite ones. Had a little bump where it crashed when you tried to mate with any of them but it seems to work after reloading the save after you relaunch the game. Looking forward to more content

Ami is so far my favorite character XD. So adorable. You dont know how close i was to quiting the game after we met her due to the events that followed. I hope for more content with her