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Doing good bro! Really excited about the pseudo 3D stuff you can do in Construct 3. Kinda has like a playstation sorta vibe which is awesome especially if you're like me and you suck at digital art lol. Glad to hear you guys are doing good! <3 

Good to see you're still making games, this was awesome! Have you tried Construct 3 yet? Just picked it up, gonna try and get back into games again. I miss beating my head against the wall for hours ha ha. Hope you and the fam are doing well buddy. <3 

Oh bro this was so sick! Totally captured that NES vibe, you nailed it bro. Happy Halloween! <3 

Very charming game, the writing was fantastic. Great job! 

Hey there! Good to see ya again, thanks for checking it out it's always great to be featured in your videos. Thank you so very much! Sorry I just saw this been crazy busy the past few days but I'm gonna check it out right now, thanks again! 

Definitely agree with you, I didn't have enough time to sort out the effects properly but I've figure it out now, if I decide to work on this particular game again I will definitely tone down the effects, especially the player's main cannon blast. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! 

Will do! :) 

Will do! :) 

That's actually a really cool idea, I'd have to get everyone's permission of course and figure out how that would work out though! I really like that idea a lot though. :) 

Cheers mate! Catch ya next time! <3

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that stopped by and congrats on finishing a song in time! I might do another one at some point since I don't think there's really any jams that are entirely music based, and hopefully I'll see you guys there! I was thinking possibly having themes and such. Anyhow, thanks again and you guys did great! <3 

Awesome track! It has this very "alone in a space station" kinda vibe. :) 

Instantly thought of old school Contra. Super rad song, good job! 

That's cool as hell! The Korg Monologue is awesome. :) Yeah I can spend hours trying to make new sounds instead of actually working on the song itself, totally know what you mean! 

Lol thanks! Even if it's just us though I'm stoked to see what we all come up with! :) 

No way, as long as people keep rocking the retro synths they'll never truly go away. 

Oh man, I was worried no one was gonna join lol. Anyhow, welcome and hope you have fun! :) 

Lol I love that! Thanks for playing! 

I just bought this and I'm already in love with this tool, thank you so much! I really love drawing my own ships by hand but it's super helpful being able to generate a bunch of ships and use them as templates. Can't wait to use this for game jams, thanks again! :)

No problem! You guys did a great job! <3

Really dug the dark vibe and the pixel art was fantastic! 

Much appreciated! I joined the jam super late so the game was a bit rushed, but I'll definitely take that into consideration. Thanks so much for playing! 

As someone who has an ex-girlfriend that is currently in an abusive/manipulative relationship this game really hit close to home. This is one of the deepest RPG maker games I have ever played and I'm impressed by how deep of an impact this game is capable of in such a short amount of time. From the very first few lines of dialogue I knew exactly what was going on, absolutely brilliant. Thank you for making this! 

Much appreciated! Thank you! :)

Thank you so much! <3 

Thank you so much! Really enjoyed watching your play through, and I really appreciate you taking the time to play my game and make a video! Glad you enjoyed it! If the ending seemed a bit abrupt it was, you were supposed to talk to the Witch Queen first then go to the altar on the right side. Unfortunately due to constraints within the engine I couldn't figure out a way to prevent you from reaching the ending before speaking to the Witch Queen.  When I saw you go to the right I was like "NOOOOOO!" Ha ha. Thanks again for the kind words, means a lot mate, cheers! 

Thanks man! Cheers!

Hey there! Thank you so much for the feedback! Just checked and you're totally right, there were a bunch of missing wall tiles. Actually I was originally planning on using an ambient track, which I still might. Really appreciate the feedback, it helps a lot! Thanks again! <3

These rule! Total old school SNES vibes :) 

From the very start I knew I wanted the game to be hard, but I think it got way too out of hand lol. Thanks for playing!

Great job! It's a super charming game and everything works together really nicely, I especially like the buzz sound effect when you fly.

Hey congrats, dude! Glad you enjoyed it, and yes the hell hounds could definitely use some balancing lol. Thanks for playing!

This is my second successful game jam that I ended up getting into really late and my biggest tips are:

-Get plenty of rest! You'll catch me powering through energy drinks while I'm working but sleep is super important, you'll be a lot more effective with a good nights rest than staying up for 12 hours straight working on a game, I made that mistake once and my game was riddled with bugs.

-Go in with a plan but be prepared to cut out features. This tip isn't only for game jams but game dev in general, don't get too attached to anything even the game itself, sometimes it's best to scrap an entire game and work on something simpler you can get done on time than to over work yourself.

-Don't worry about how other people might perceive your game, most game jams are non competitive so you shouldn't focus on impressing anyone, just focus on completing a game within the game jam's time frame, that's plenty impressive in itself. 

-Don't feel like you need to spend every second of the day working on your game, take breaks. Especially if you run into a problem and can't figure out how to solve it, you'd be surprised how often the answer will come to you when you're doing something else like taking a walk, watching a movie, reading a book, etc. 

-And most of all, HAVE FUN! Game jams can be stressful, but the majority of the time you should be enjoying yourself. 

There are TONS of YouTube videos on the subject and plenty of articles as well. My all time favorite game dev YouTube channel is called Extra Credits, they pack tons of information into short entertaining videos that can really change the way you design and develop your games for the better. 

Here's their Game Dev playlist, I've seen every single one of these videos and they're all incredibly informative:

Hope this helps and good luck on your future game jams. 

It kinda reminds me of a Doom de-make which I might actually take up as another incredibly big project I will never finish lol. Hope you enjoy it! The game I originally had in mind is going to be a lot different, I just had to have some kind of short term goal since I was on a strict timeline. 

Congrats on your first jam! The game and music is really good! <3

I love this! Amazing job, the art style and animations are awesome!