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Looks promising, can't wait for the final release ~

And what happened after you enter name?

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What's new in the 0.57 version?

Would there be a 32.bit version for PC?

Would there be a 32.bit version for PC or an Android version ?

Can't open the files, error report says:

Exit code 0xc0000005 (-1073741819) for (TSRhalloweenAU-32.exe)

Looks really good. This is still just a demo so I don't have much thought on it yet, but I'm really looking forward to what the future holds for it.

Never mind, I just need to enter the code to get it

Also, I'm stuck here and according to the image I have to find a hammer but I can't find it anywhere.

Tips don't help either

Looks really fun, I'll be looking forward to it.

No 32.bit version anymore?

Can you tell me how to unlock it?

I have never seen anything that's related to dogs.

Not sure if this is the right one to ask but can a 32.bit computer play this game?

Find some bugs, I can't upgrade anything in personal route even if I have enough latex.

Test a few time to find out if you export and import the file will cause this bug.

As long as I can play it on a 32.bit computer then I'm happy to have a new game to play.

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So what's new in the 4.1 version?

How many ending does this game has?

Would there be a 32.bit version?

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Would there be a 32.bit version for PC?

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Would there be 32.bit version?

Would there be a 32.bit version ?

I get the pig, but I can't report the mission.

The Screen Clearing seems not working , and the game would reset game speed every time you lord a save.

Would there be a 32.bit  version?

Pull the ball to the left and hide in the potted plants.

Is there gonna be a 32.bit version ?

Would there be a 32.bit version for PC ?

Would there be a 32.bit version for PC ?

How to fuck enemy?

When the story progressed to a certain part, it suddenly stopped.

I don't think it would be too difficult, you just have to find the way to overcome it.

Tips:Let your mouse keep approaching the ship can let the ship be almost stop.

I...... guess it is a bug

I can meet this guy in the very beginning, when I talk to him, I will arrived at the place in the right picture, and I can see the other three character even I haven't met them when I keep going to the stair.......

Actually, I mean something like this.

Don't worry. I just borrowed my friend's computer,finished all the steps,zip it and send it to my computer, so I can play now.

Can you upload a zip or rar file?

The .exe file is a little to large for my computer to continue...