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Omg i am So happy for another one but i Hope you take a break

oh ups right... After telling flowey that you will destroy then 

if you try to read the notes in journal you get error

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I think u have to highlight or show the left arrow and the bottom one which i just now found out .. thought was blind

and on mobile version Its all good and smooth but too big So ...

Is it normal to get error screen if i flirt with Slime?

and did you saved or not ?if not then thats the problem then😂

Dont know if its just me but only in Dream parts on mobile version Its all normal but if i switch to PC version it blinks,disappear and stuff Soo...?

And what is everybody talking about ? If it about the library password then HOW did they found it i dont get it

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What personality do i need for sans? 

Nothing i got it just had to choose better choices

Touch the wall and around

found error

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Is there a way to find the code? Or not(except Brute Force it)

PS:are you kidding me? I just discovered Now that arrow on left... So i dont have to save So much

Hope there will be choice guide or something in Future and choice to date asgore

PS: what does the void screens with the signs mean?

Dont know if Its just me but it feel slower/laggy but only this one the other 3 games are smooth no lag. But maybe thats cause its new game

Hope there is harem route with flowey in it too

Is the day 2 loop normal or it that bug?

And i choose the hiking part and Its fine you just can't select both hiking clothes

So he rejected me cause diffrent part thing? You kidding me 😂

To get past the door you have to be little Hurt but not too much(if you get 4 choices about dust then you made it)

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Oh and i am stuck too cant reset

Edit: just had to play and login in  incognito and it reset 

Error after "oh well everyone dies"

Do i have to just choose the ... Choices for mute route or do something specific too?

Um what visitor?

What happens if the lasagne timer runs out(Wait for it) can we save it or not?

Good luck and i don't care about other routes other that Seth So i am fine with it

Does each choice matter a lot or not cause if yes Is there a choice guide?

Then how do you get in the mountain or Is that only for the corrupt path? And how do you continue the paladin path 

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Hey Is it possible to go back to paladin?(change class back) Cause if not i have to do the entire game over again

oliver is my favorite but are there specific choices or not ?

Please tell me that Quint Is/ or will be dateble

What does it say at the end of the Dream? Cause i can only Guess i'm sorry .......thats all

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Its there  so It works , And how do i get the second ace picture/scene.

Question, on android where and when  should appear the points?

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nothing got it did right thing but at wrong place

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I have a problem, on mobile touch doesnt work so have to go on a pc

hey is the a way to unlock the second memory in the demo or not?

Am i doing something Wrong or you removed sea salt icecream in soutaru route? Now there Is chocholate or macha choice only

I played update and one thing... Why, they where happy family so why?

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Guys does the beast game still work on JoiPlay android still? Because it wont work for me it starts says loading asseds and something and then closes and it worked before(this is with few other games)