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I played update and one thing... Why, they where happy family so why?

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Guys does the beast game still work on JoiPlay android still? Because it wont work for me it starts says loading asseds and something and then closes and it worked before(this is with few other games) 

Say "spoiler" 


Hey this is weird but i have this game in joiplay (on android) and i come back after a while but there isnt any save file but in folder there is everything so i don't know what is wrong 

If you want Just use joi play it works for me (Just it doesnt work on some games so good luck) 

PS finally a good new game but need to wait now :D

Are there any passwords(easter eggs)? Because easter i ignore them or can found it

One way to find out.

Can someone record video of the "talking" after the tournament? I needed to skip it so i can continue finally and save it because shutting down

it looks like wrong version 32bit worked now (except my pc is 64 bits)

it looks like still same but at start it show that i can click on something except i dont know what and i was exited, wit it be on android someday at least?

It wouldnt matter if it worked too on joiplay emulator

On windows

I needed to download openGL(or what) then after i opened it(the game) it was mostly black screen with white square and two gray bary on top and bottom that were flashing but i could see my mouse  a i could click on few things( i dont know what but).

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i deleted it already but it was stuck on black screen with while square in top right a grey bar on top and bottom were flashing, so if somebody can then can you post video?(walkthrough or something?

couldnt take better but this is supposted ti happend right? In log (all they talked About) shows three short texts  PS sorry 

Spend time with sal and you need to get scene at pool where He  will hug you back anything else i would need to try again

Go to vault

Which name is it? (or hint) 

I thought the questioning(sorry) oswin wouldnt change the story(or game) but it did it added choice in specific scene 

Is There a way to get the hoss cg? The second

Red text

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Is There password on day 12 Tyson route? Nothing its really easy 

I dont get the start where you choose from those words and then wake up

Is gen? Training only or it continues ? 

Do i need to only sleep many Times to get quest on secret desire? 

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1 because its easier and better and it looks more normal to me

How to unlock skip button? Is it do normal or True ending And get dev mode flag? If that then that is Fine except that Long waiting

You mean in chapter 1 ?

Just type on"any special codes"  " yes "and it will show scene with seth

Is There code except that add 10 each and scene with seth? 

Seth. i thought it was by choosing code at start and showing seth saying i like... . 

There is problem on android and its at the end of day 6

Is there a guide?

Really good game but is it  weird that i only Like to play seth route ? (only playing his Route). 

OMG are you kidding me? i got it before but wrote password wrong wow PS thanks

can you tell me in with scene  or something because in day 11 is good hint but doesnt help?

and is it better to keep Oz (oswan i thing)secret or tell then?

And that easter egg would be password to open the vault right?

When i choose what is writen on the coffee how many choices are there and on vault with tyson i can only choose to write something or  nothing right?(no secret?)