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😍He's Perfect!

My honest opinion. At first I thought we'll be definitely playing as a goat, until I get to the game where he is a Dragon, although despite that, the current design never made me feel like he is a Dragon. Though still cute, but indeed I agree that it was a little off.

Design one seems to not change much and stayed cute.

Two still cute, but with more detail.

Third however is completely somehow different on my perspective. Like his much older than what it seems on the game. And I like that, a bit maturity to fit his environment. Because the current one seems like, a face of a submissive bottom, apologies if that seems like I'm stereotyping. The characteristics of the norm is engraved to me

I usually don't play games that are just released recently or at least made progress half way. That is to not ruin the experience.

Seeing how polished the descriptions look on this, and the pre artwork on this site. I am interested, and will be anticipating.

thank you so much.. I have high hopes for this! Totally looking out for your success

will there be any guides for this game aside from the quest log(which is very buggy by the way, progress shows confusing sometimes because it shows different) I played and I say great work, but as always, as dumb as me keep messing up, dialogues of the story came out confusing because of randomize events/quests happening and I ended up doing what was suppose to be latest than basics... By that I mean literally I seem to did a quest that was like suppose to be far end of the game, and somehow a basic tutorial quest then came in.. again, I love the work you did in this, cute artwork and nice(although maybe imbalance) gameplay. 

by the way, android here, and loading saves gives you errors, luckily you can just ignore.. and also the map sometimes marks Items I've seen unseen (?)

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Forgive me if I'm revealing this.. But I recall reading a reference to Lagoon Lounge(was it?) About a village, and A Giant. I believe it was Gil's route? I'm just asking if anyone here remembers what day that was... Sorry, if something came up like this, I literally can't rest.

Nevermind this.. found it

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I love it,  despite how slow it is. But it totally got me riled up. The ending even made me feel sadness. I really wish this was long!

So when is the sequel?? Realize it's been 3 years already. If it's not too late can you at least make it a Visual Novel so we can have better perception on the story?

Anyways, totally great. I'll be totally waiting for the comeback of Beek

Oooh spill the beans will ya? Or at least give me a hint

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Will the button for naming the save files temporarily disabled? Or gone for good. Cause I swear that small pen really helped organizing my saves and navigating which to load

I just updated... And it turns out I missed a lot 

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Uhm. Kinda irrelevant I guess? But I'm actually stuck here, I got both the feeling two out of three is really important. And I'm a type of guy that can't really rest well with situations like these.

So. Need help. Which should I pick?

Does anyone have the full map of Avalan? 

For research purposes :3

Ah.. But at least, they adapted it to fit for the story, does that mean they used their own voice for it? Then, if yes, sure is a great singer.

ah now I remember... Ok, really hated her

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Okay first of... I did not expect a song to come in! It was total bop! I played it several times before I continue the story! Catchy and really smooth, was it an original? 

Spoiler Alert

Second... So, I can't say that I'm disappointed not because of the story, but because it did NOT turn out to be what I expected it to be. Good for it ending for Ranok taking Caelan back.

I kinda expected Caelan to be left completely.

Which part was that?

Oh god how long has it been since the last update? 

Anyways, I'm happy this came! Finally something to stay up all night with and get my mind running again.

ah. I like the way he was before as a kid depicted on the picture. And yes, sadly he grew up to be a btch that is what we have now

Loved the new chapter! Especially little Adrius, too damn cute.

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Now that you mention it.. If Vulgor comes along, it would bring a wrong impression, hence getting mad all over again

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Loved this song. You can already imagine a scenario where Ranok didn't came back for Caelan for many years and just after so he sang it. 

Watch Me Burn All The Memories Of You 

Hah would be priceless. Dang it I can't help thinking how perfect the song is. Like it was made just for this moment, assuming it's the ending.

btw. Tavern? Bard? All we need now is an animator for Caelan to Burn Butcher Burn :3c

oh that's it? I thought I have to do some coding or something for the save files to be compatible with the current version.

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I'm been having this questions lately.. 

How exactly do I rewrite a save file????

And loved how this turned out to be. Even I was moved by the "Whore's" words

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Jesus. My Lord, my stars. You guys weren't kidding about wearing headphones after entering Strandbard. My whole family's eyes were direct at me.

*sniff* I'm crying😭

Finally we got answers. Now I can sleep in peace, but would still expect more! Good job to the devs, thank you

Awee no android... When?!🥺

I just wanna say... Bruce and Corvus, brought me into 😭😭😭

I can't stop.. What's worse is that I'm doing it at 2:12 A.M.

Sorry But, This is A Persistent problem... Unfit text

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Oooohhh yes finally. I've yearn for an update! Looking forward for more! No matter how long the wait, just wishing you would finish it

Hmmmmm.. What a cliffhanger.. ugh I hate this!😭 

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Hey! New here! And I LOVED THIS!

The sudden twist was Ugh HEART Aching. But at least Cyrus was able to get backup that quickly...

This VN is really... Can't really put the words to describe it. Let's just say it's great and worth to try! It is Sooooooo GOOD I am so looking for the next Build.. although do note that we literally have no control over the course of the story, No choices. I'm glad that there isn't but curious as to why?

and I also, I really wanted to shoot The-Traitor-Mutt using the very gun he gave and say some punchline and just watch him drown on his own blood.. lmao, Honestly and personally I do not want that to happen, but my Dark side says so otherwise.

And also, Completely irrelevant but.. He instantly reminded me of Amicus. And I think most of you know why.

Actually.. tho your not that far but I'm pretty sure they don't have the same age.

I Think.. I have also a bad memory.

I'm intrigued I must say.. I can totally relate to the MCs personality, really an intellectual and a poet. 

Seriously.. your character is really POETIC. Too poetic, his dialogues are really something, and it confuses me sometimes. Is this because I spent most of my points into his Intellect? 

when you first meet. Get hit by that alligator until you are stripped off from your Clothes. Then defeat it. There Cabotte would feel uneasy of you naked, so he'll give you a Langou

I agree. It's better to slow things down than rush things. 

Quality over haste 👍 hope you are doing well!

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Do you guys pronounce Caelan as

Kay-lan/ Cay-lan or See-lan / Sea-lan / Say-lan

Some of my friends read it as Say-lan. So I wanna clear things up a little

Richter. Sounds hard to make an image.. I guess I'll stick to my own name.

Thanks anyways!

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Question. What is the MC's default name again?

And what is their Continent called?

Yay update.. hope this one is long

Indeed. I can't blame you. There is just something about him that makes him "Perfect Boyfriend" Material.