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So are you updating here or only in your Patron?  Might help if you mention at least status updates here or people will lose interest.  Even if it's a new post reminding them to check your Patron. Just say'n 

Love it.  Great game so far.  My android tablet kept crashing and I had to crawl through it saving every so many moves but I still loved it.

only difference in 5.3 is French language is added so they said...

cool-  thanks!  Fun game so far ;)

Sooooo...Android is still 0.5.2? They getting an upgrade or is this another I need to port over to PC?

well I see people whining that you don't post the directions all over like missing kids on milk cartons so I just hadoverall my 6,000,000 yen ;) 

update patch seemed fine to me.  simple cut n paste for PC was fast and effective.

killer is switching back and forth so not to screw with quality and risk creative burn out.  More details on K's Patron it is worthwhile to toss in support ;)

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It works from time to time and I use different browsers between PC and tablet.  Sadly this time it didn't.  I finally got a "good" transfer using Mixdrop (took a day to DL) then it buggered on the install.  LOL. I'll look deeper into it later when I have time but seriously Mega is not a friend.

mega blows for file xfer... always gets to the last few seconds then locks up :/

Best. Update. Ever.  Worth replaying from the start. :D 

ROFLOL!  Nice!  I just removed it from my tablet b/c it would not update and started again on my PC for THIS update to work on the tablet.  Saves are gone so...starting again.   I like it best on the tablet- it's harder to see the firestones on the PC.

Well I guess it's just another game I got to switch from Android to PC for.  YAY!  Just wish I can remember where all the Fire Stones were. :/ 

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I've tried a few times but the android version will. not install.  even the new updated upload.  downloads fine...goes through the Install motions fine but at the end it just says 'app not installed'  
If it helps let me know if you need any other specs

UI ver 2.1
Android vr 10
Kernel Ver 4.4177-20709318
Knox 3.5

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anyone else having install issues with 4 for android?  dl`ed twice-  still won't install.  goes through all the motions then just says not installed. 

same here! I'm having to migrate and replay all my favorites as they fall back on that buggy joi-crash thing.

few posts down they said now- for suporters...2 more weeks for the unwashed masses.

lol.  enough sugar coating Rogue- tell em how ya really feel ;) 

So...just to ask w/o spoiling you ever get to plant the seeds?  Each time I'"stopped" after getting shovels and there seems to be no to progress the story.  It kind of forces you to two endings directly.

when you see stuff like that try to remember this is an international collective.  English just might be their 3rd or 4th language.  how's your Japanese grammar?  German?  the more ya know.

Yes.  Yes it is.  It's a soft censor.   Some pay support will not support games showing incest and various other Fetish topics.  So basically when you see LANDLADY it should be Mom...Housemate could be brother or sister.  Some games get around this by having YOU define your relationships and ages of characters pregame.  Others just assume we will just mentally substitute "friend" for what ever fits. 

Damn- Hope they are ok and things work out :/

Yes.  I read them.  Thanks.  Didn't work.   I mentioned that Joiplay keeps crashing.  Not YOUR game...Joiplay.  Forget it.  Already replaying it on PC.

So- I tried doing the emulator and it kept crashing.  Too frustrating so I decided to install the PC version.  All my saves were toasted so I figured I'd use the cheat codes to get to the point I was....but the money codes will not work on the PC. I start grinding again or is there a fix I'm missing?  

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It's a little disappointing in switching platforms on us but I guess you got to do what ya got to do to get updates out.  Yeah I know there is the emulator so Android can play it but still kind of sucks to NEED another program to run things that crashes most the time.  

Moving it to the PC now and starting over.'s been a while.  Is there still hope or are there other projects taking Redamz's time and talent? :( 

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that link didn't work for me so I just pulled the latest android update you added...  It felt like a monty Pyton Skit.  THIS ONE STAYED UP!  LOL  It worked!  BOOM!  You da Bomb!

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the story is worth clearing and replaying from scratch again  ;)  Thanks for trying. :) 


well...Uninstalled and stripped everything I could find for a clean install.  Now it still won't install.  :/

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pulling file now-  ill let ya know either way.  Thanks!

*later*  (sad trombone)  No install love.  gave same `App not installed`

nope.  same result.  goes to install...gets to about 80-90% then just tells me app not installed. :/

if it helps...

ui 2.1

android 10

kernel 4.4.177-20048497

knox 3,5 api 31

both can't install.  the compressed just went through the motions to just tell me it was not installed.  the full version buggered it so even the file maintenance installer crashed.  

so...funny story.  uncompressed update gave my tablet a stroak.  installer kept just closing.  deleted the 2gig version and downloaded the compressed.  no problems.  downloaded clean.  install prep went great...installed to about 85% then I get the APP NOT INSTALLED pop up.    halp!  :)  its been like 50 dog years since the last update! ;)

any idea when next update might hit? :)

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never even knew.  tx :)

ya got to start over?  The pack installed a whole new game set with none of the saved games...

try not to spoil shit for others who have not played 

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Thanks ;) I'll keep that in my little black bag till I need it :) do you get the keyboard to pop up on a tablet in game?

weird bug?  Got to a point where i wanted to do it differently so i tried to start over.  A new game.   Seems some game flags dont reset.  not to spoil anything but options relating to science are missing so i cant progress. -also...any cheat codes so i dont need to grind (phrasing) again.  ;)