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This is very good!

Good but I would prefer a graphic setting. Right now, it runs poorly

Looks Great!!!

I love the creature's design. Nice work!


Interested in the game but the graphics cause my computer to experience massive lag. Could you add a graphics option so that lower end computers can run it smoothly?

Interesting game, the demo left me wanting more. Reminds me of Saiko no Satuka.

Sounds great! Thanks

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When is 2.1 available for free?

Can't wait for the next update

Real interested in this game. Very unique concept. Hoping that it gets a release soon, or at the very least a demo.

First game that I saw that centered around the Paris Catacombs. Nice job in picking that for a game concept. This topic rarely gets used in media as a whole from what I've seen. Nice job for game made in 48 hours

Not a bad horror puzzle game, just wish it was a bit longer. Great job for a jam game

Love the game, but could you possible add a graphics option?. The game lags with graphics like these on my computer

The game was good, but I thought the demon at the end looked more funny than scary

I liked it a lot, though I wish there was more guidance for the player

It was fine, but something I would come back to unless there was more to it.

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More comedic than horror, though that not a bad thing. Love the style of the game and would love to see more from this studio.

I was first brought to this game by Alpha Beta Gamer. Wish it was longer and more complex, but I never really designed a game before so I'm not one to judge. Love the graphics and concept and would totally support a full game of this style if it was in production

Interesting game. Glad I was able to run it in browser. Few game do that these days

No problem.

Love the game and the community around it. First time I was engaged with a game of this type. Would love to see future developments come forward

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Slightly disappointed as I though it be a bit longer. But I was scared the first time round and would love more games in this concept and art style. Would definitely recommend it