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Thank you for update, I mean if is possible to escape from castle? I cannot found a way out from castle 馃檪

And if it is possible - add please more type of zombies, with that and similar improvements (like bosses, traps, outdoor levels) game will be more intensive and more better! 馃檪

So - done, I will wait for next version, longer I hope. Good work, thank You.

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Exist way out in this release? I cant found way out... 馃え

Thank you 馃檪

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Thank You, please no make bigger file, thanks 馃檪

So, done. Short without end ... short. But ok. Thank You, good demo 馃檪

Ok, thanks, I will try... But at the last - why 47GB? Many commercional titles is smaller and I writing about full AAA games... Why that size?

Demo has 47GB, but only what I see is empty place (20x20 meters square) where I can do nothing except get ammo and gun - that is all?

Thank you , but I dont understand... :) 

Hi there,

at the beginning I must write thank You for interesting and cool game, but I know the game is "build" on it, but I must to know - is any chance to make possible in options menu to disable that "cubes tape" picture filter? Please consider it as an possibility.

Thank you for all Your work :)