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Can I export assets/Sprites by using the Character Creator? 

I'll pay money if we can

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So I ended up buying the pack and it seems that the composite buildings are missing their emissive textures. Unless I'm missing something.

I also noticed that There are Composite Textures that are numbered from 0 to 4, but #1 and #3 are missing

I'm using UE5 btw

Yo i'm confused, contemplating on buying this pack within the next few days or so but seeing some conflicting information on this page. 

In one area it says spend $30 for the source .vox files but scroll a lil bit under and it says pay $21 or more for  Voxel Cyberpunk City.vox

Is there a difference?

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Booo!!!!!! Doesn't work

Anyway to "upgrade" at a discounted price if we change our minds and want the .vox files too? 

Animations don't work in UE4 :(

Programmer and 3D Artist/Animator on our Team, nothing set and stone if we're going to join this game jam yet but if we do i'll hit you up sometime next week.

We're going to be Using Unreal Engine 4 though

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what? entitlement at its finest