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This game started off strong before almost instantly going from fun trial and error to knowing exactly what needed to be done, but being unable to actually pull it off due to the strange way the character accelerates. The later levels require a number of precise jumps much better suited for a game with appropriately responsive controls.
Overall, I liked this game right up until around the level after the boxes were introduced, and I stopped having fun and started getting frustrated. The underwhelming ending (which I had to look up on YouTube due to just getting a black screen after completing the last level) didn't make it feel worth it either.
You've got a very interesting concept going, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

It doesn't seem as though it is. And I've had very negative experiences with Hamachi in the past so I'm very reluctant to try it when I've successfully portforwarded anyways.

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Trying to play NTT with my girlfriend, every time she tries to connect she gets CONNECTION_TIMEOUT.
Using the default port 5394, seemingly did everything right. I've got no clue what's up.
If it means anything, I'm running NTT through Wine on Xubuntu 18.04.