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Jared Simpson

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Wow,  this is great! I have a feeling I'm going to be sinking (no pun intented) a lot of time into the new version!

When I downloaded the game, it wouldn't run. I assume because it was packaged as the 32-bit version for mac, which, with Catalina onwards, does not run 32-bit programs. Dont worry though, as this is a Love2d game, it can be fixed easily.

1. Download a new copy of the game

Self explanatory, download the mac version of the game. Upon attempting to play it you will be greeted by this prompt.

2. Download and extract the 64-bit version of Love

Go to the Love engine site, and download the 64-bit zipped version under MacOS 10.7+ section. Unzip this and you will get that there is no available game.

3. Getting the .love file

Control-click or right-click the Metanet Hunter application and select "Show Package Contents" (should be the second option) and open the folder labeled contents. Expand the resources folder and Copy the file named At this point, it should look something like this:

4. Adding it to the new love application

Go back to the love application, control click, and select "Show Package Contents" here too. Paste the love file into the resources folder, and open the love application. Renaming it to "Metanet Hunter" and deleting the old files is a good idea, as it keeps everything tidy.

And the game should be good to go! This took me a second to figure out so I thought I'd make a little guide for anyone else that might have encountered this. Happy to help anyone that is still lost.