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Wizard Timothy!

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I enjoyed the game! would love to see it improved apon it has potentail. 

This was something lol 

Hey I had a quick go at your game! I am not quite sure what to make of it. But if definaltly has some potentail! I look forward to see what you do with it. 

It's the mouse button

This was amazing! I really enjoyed the gameplay! Here is a video of my playthough! I Got stuck quite a few times lol! 

Hello There! 

I did A video of me playying the game. I could not finish it as a bug stopped my progress. Heres the video of my run.

Your welcome I will be happy to  come back and play a updated version!

Hey!  I have made a short video review of your game! I Really enjoyed it and hope to see more soon!

Hey! I did a video review of the game! I enjoyed it, hope to see a more polished version soon. 

Hello, Did A little video showing the game off, Hope I can help spread your cause a little more!

Oh Really I will revisit it soon! 


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It worked the second time i rebooted it. I am not sure what happened I think it may be because I entered full screen.

The game competly broke for me i can leave a video link if you want too see what happened

No problem I enjoyed playing it! :) 

This one was strange. I enjoyed it but i am not sure if I finished it right.

It grabs your interest extremely well with the intro and that is a 10/10 . I Recommend giving this one a go for your self as I am kinda stuck. 

heres a video of my playthough:

ello I really enjoyed your little game cant wait to see more can really see this as a mobile game! I did a review for you as well sorry about the sound but skip to the end if you want my thoughts the sound is clear then! 

I enjoyed your game. A minimap and a death screen showing your time and kills will make this game 100% better without changing the gameplay too much! 

Hey I did a little gameplay vid. I have not done one in ages so its a little sloppy lol.

If you have any more games i shall play them on the channel:)

This game was really funny! Gameplay for those intrested! 

This was really fun! More gameplay for those intrested. I found it really hard to parry lol.

No problem I really did enjoy the game! Hopefully you find a way to fix it :) 

Gameplay part 1. I love the music in the game the combat is fun. Although I did not realise until the second fight how to combo attacks haha.

[sorry about the sound quality after 3 mins in the game sound over powered my mic] 

RGSS-RTP standard Not found. Is the error message 

So the new version is up? and i will do .

Game will not launch for me? 

This could be something awesome! 

If updated with music will do another run! 

I downloaded and started playing but when i got to the village leader xyros? (i think) it failed to load the file a chain.png 

I would gladly the playthough will be done either today or tomorrow at latest!

I Played this game for way too long haha.

Gameplay for those intrested. 

Let me know if you do would love to play more! and thanks I am a new channel and trying to find my footing haha.

This Game is amazing so much carnage and fun!


This is the gameplay if anyone wants to see the game! 

I did enjoy this game the music was great! can not wait to see more