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oh this is very cool, the graphics are so nice. it'd be interesting to see if you could implement a palette switcher, but other than that i'd really just like to see more!

this is awesome, feels just like old arcade games. this on a cabinet would be perfect

Very cute! Having to shoot with a left click was a little unintuitive though, I'd have preferred to have it bound to something else like maybe Enter. However for a short little gamejam game this is super well made and the concept is very sweet.

Very cool very fun! Really captures the feeling of having to write corporate emails, lol. Having to individually close out each pop-up was a little annoying but I definitely think that's what you were going for. The unlockables being for the ball and not Sisyphus was also very funny.

Extremely cute, had a lot of fun! The art is beautiful, although it's short the meaning is very poignant. I think I'll be thinking about Soul Void for a long time :) Very excited to see what you come up with next.