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Had a lot of fun playing! Would play again 10/10 -Wixspin

I had a good time with this game! You can't touch your keyboard or it freezes, but Great job!

Played, had fun, peed a little.. lol, but seriously, keep up the good work!

Was able to finally play this!! This game is fun for sure!!

Had a good time with this one for sure!! Thanks for all the work on this!!

GREAT GAME! 10/10 -IGN Would Play AGAIN!

Great game! Had a good time playing!

Played, Laughed and cried.. GREAT JOB!

HAHA! Had a blast playing this!! Great work! Hope it turns into a full game!

Had a ton of fun playing this!!!

Here's my gameplay!!

WHAT A TWIST! This game got me!

Here's my game-play!

I really enjoyed your game!! Kept me on my toes! lol

My Game play! - Nicolas Cage High School

What a twist!! Didn't see that coming!

Here is my game play: Shower Girl

I remember playing the older version a little over a year now and now I have revisited it with much anticipation!! Keep it up!

Here's my playthrough -

Really enjoyed playing this!! Hope you guys stick with this one!!

Here's my gameplay! -