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The move where you jump a platform to the other island tickles my brain in a gooooood way 馃槒馃挦

Now that I think about it more carefully, "a bit difficult to implement" is an understatement 馃槄 but intriguing to be sure.

I'm more of a puzzle game cheerleader than a puzzle game developer, so it's always a real joy to hear "I'll think about it" and you can tell you mean it, you know what I mean? I appreciate it!

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I'm sorry, the dude's German name is what now? (Inspect him, like an enemy. "Unaf Zntahf")

How about having a ton of inhabitants, and making them exhibit swarm behavior? So when you're walking around they mingle around, react to your presence, etc. Make the map look a bit like the xkcd virus aquarium!

I think it'd be fun to look forward to connecting to such-and-such island because you want to see how that changes the inhabitants' behavior based on what's on the island, perhaps? (It's not thematically appropriate but I already want to finally connect to Amusement Park Island because it'll make them go nuts. All the blue inhabitants tend to stay at home a lot, but then you add Library Island and they start hanging out there, which is cute?)

To make it more interesting to watch, how about a day/night cycle and different preferences of where they want to be based on time (fun concept: when you're zoomed out, a fast-forward button that's only there to let you see the large-scale-time behavior).

I hope this sort of suggestion is welcome! Have a nice day, Marcos!