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Thank you for fulfilling my long-haired Cove dreams.... ✨🐠🩴🍧

New scene sounds like fun! Thanks so much for the update - glad to hear you are both well and excited!

Such a fun game - historical fiction is my favorite, so this is an immediate winner! I enjoyed the music and sound design especially.

(Deigo and Jupiter are such cuties.... Margaret was hilarious and awesome too.)

Following you on here, looking forward to any future works you might publish!

Thank you so much for the update - hope things are smoother sailing going ahead for your team! Looking forward to exploring the new scenes! ✨

I'm still in my first play-through, but stopping by to say that I LOVE this main character - she is witty, ambitious, and smart as hell..... enjoying the other characters, but she is my favorite! Looking forward to purchasing the full game in the future!

Goddamn. My face hurts already... smiling WAAAAY too much at this!  So looking forward to the next chapter with Cove! 🥨🥨🥨 Much love!

I just replayed the current demo yesterday and was hoping you guys were doing well! Very excited to hear about the secret scene variations and music! Thank you for the update and wishing you both a lovely day. ✨

Get your anklets on everyone, stat!!!!!

I was having Cove withdrawals, guuuh!!! So exciting, thank you for all your hard work! So looking forward to this! 💖

Gaaaah, I'm so excited! I was wondering how this project and your characters were doing! Thank you - really looking forward to experiencing this lovely story and art. Hope you are well! <3

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Ok..... dying to play more of this gorgeous story! I've played through twice (1x being very gentle/supportive/loving; 1x being pushy/frosty/slightly cruel)!!!  The music and art style are really so lovely! The piano piece in the garden scene/intro to Mandra scene completely reminded me of Sevdaliza's song "Shahmaran" (such a beautiful song and video...someone else confirm they sound a little similar at the beginning so I know I'm not going crazy!) And I loved the "dueling" fiddle-guitar piece the brothers did too.

I like looking at the backgrounds and your characters are really expressive.  NGL, but I also have a high-key infatuation with Mandra. Gughhh. I want to protect both of the siblings. Mathias is so precious too.

  • What's your favorite character? Ugh.... it's a toss up between Mathias and Mandra? I die when either of them blush.
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path? Different options! I really like the variations you've built in to the game that I've been able to find so far!
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
  • Yes - it was very atmospheric and it almost makes me focus on the details more.
  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?
  • Sure, I don't mind either way! The art is really beautiful.
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Omg. I lOOOOVED the drama in this, ha. Totally living for it right now.  Mr. Worthington and Lady Harlow are my MVPs, haaaaa!

I'll try to go back now and play the other routes, but ma girl is like... "Dump that locket asap.... who needs him... and ditch that creepo guy who keeps stalking me in the woods, ha. I just want to go horseback riding everyday with my landed gentry hot husband, lalala!"

Not sure if this will be a free game in the end, but I'd happily pay for the final game/dlcs/etc.  Following from now on! Best wishes on your future work and happy holidays!

Forgot to mention -- Worthington very much reminds me of Mr. Knightley, love it!

I read your demo a few years (?) ago on COG. Recently read through the new demo and really enjoyed it again with some of the new scenes you've added! Very excited to see you have a page here now and I'm definitely following!

(Lothar is totes my jam. That man should be climbed like a goddamn tree.)

I'm loaded up, got the DLCs added in and have a giant smile on my face, so excited to start!  Have a fun play through everyone! :33333

Devs back up an around 8am PST release on their twitter too.

Just stopping by again to say I'm so excited for the upcoming release (I had it noted in my calendar!)~ Wishing you all the very best and thank you for jem of a game, really looking forward to the 16th! <3

Nah, a man that fine don't need a shirt! ;)

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WE GET TO MEET JUNE'S LIZARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I'm most pleased. She is adorable..... or uhhh, he.

Um, I SO want Cal + Traveler = ULTIMATE POWER COUPLE.  His flirt scenes.... *fans self* phew.....

And...... y'all, we're taking Vexx straight to Wakanda to "Un-Winter-Soldier" him, right?  Poor boy needs some professional help.

Can I just say.... whoever is writing the "Chapter Titles/Save Titles" YOU CRACK ME UPPPPPP. Theeee MUFFIN MAAAAAAAAAAAAaann.

Really enjoying the latest update... still playing through right now! Cannot wait until the full version is out & definitely looking forward to DLC too!

(Can I just say... Kyra is totally my hair goals at the moment... omg... I need that electric green in my life.)

I love Guy and this game. <3 (That's all!)

<3 No prob ;)

Just leaving this here for people who may need an extra couple of band-aids while we're all putting aloe vera on the burns we just got dealt....

One of the game's writers has some short stories they have posted here:

(NSFW! Keep in mind the rating on this work and the game in general, 17+!)

Thank you!!! I still need to go down his route and Ryo's. (OMG.... I need to replay now. Those are really cute Oppo!!!!...... Damon should be a devil though. >:/ )

Thank you!!! I still need to go down his route and Ryo's.

Frickin' tiger trap more like.... yeah, he's definitely on the naughty list. I went crawling back to Calderon.

Wait... how is Vexx referenced in the DLC???? (Did I miss something focusing on my other favorites.....? What choice do you have to make?)

Yeah, that was a belly flop on some cement....

Poor Junie. He'd definitely have to be on crowd control duty again. 

I wonder if Damon could be coaxed into making drinks... but I think everyone would be really suspicious wondering if he's just finally going to poison everyone.... or make them drink disguised krill juice...

What do you think the A6 crew would do if you threw a party onboard? (say, a surprise celebration for them for successfully finishing a tough merc job.) 

Like, we know Ayame would definitely have a killer playlist ready to go...

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Omg, I looooove that, haha! I'm dying imagining that....

What about CHUG every time June actually pulls his "HULK SMASH" trick on someone/something?

omg...I don't think my liver would survive that... 

Sip every time you see a "Bash" doodle/graffiti in the background?  (How has Calderon not kicked his ass for drawing all over the ship....?)

Can we invent a A6 drinking game while we wait? Ever time Damon "fingers" a blade, take a sip....

So excited....!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I was replaying Star Crossed Lovers to gear up for this, guh!

Loving the demo so far and I did not run into any bugs or errors during my quick play through!

I am going to run through again with some different dialogue choices.  Liking the connection to the NWN module with Ravage and looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds! Concerned about Raze right now.... Are we going to find out more about what happened up north with Lord Mace?

Gameplay Questions:

-Confirming - the shore area Brash mentions to meet at is not in the beta, correct?  I didn't see any "burning at the stake" areas at the shore area I was able to access...

-Also... in both my NWN and DH playthroughs, Ari did not survive (I just got sick of healing her in NWN and we did not get along very well in DH).  I assume we are stuck with her for plot purposes? (It's a bit weird with her liking Bright after my playthroughs, ha.)

-Will we be getting any items back from previous games? (Brash's gifts - brush and ring)

Lovely work and looking forward to purchasing the whole game soon! <3