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Loving the demo so far and I did not run into any bugs or errors during my quick play through!

I am going to run through again with some different dialogue choices.  Liking the connection to the NWN module with Ravage and looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds! Concerned about Raze right now.... Are we going to find out more about what happened up north with Lord Mace?

Gameplay Questions:

-Confirming - the shore area Brash mentions to meet at is not in the beta, correct?  I didn't see any "burning at the stake" areas at the shore area I was able to access...

-Also... in both my NWN and DH playthroughs, Ari did not survive (I just got sick of healing her in NWN and we did not get along very well in DH).  I assume we are stuck with her for plot purposes? (It's a bit weird with her liking Bright after my playthroughs, ha.)

-Will we be getting any items back from previous games? (Brash's gifts - brush and ring)

Lovely work and looking forward to purchasing the whole game soon! <3