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The option to order your team is not yet implemented, currently you can only change Oppaimon in combat but not out of it, soon we will implement it :)

The option to save your progress is designed for users of Windows and Mac, you should download the game, in other words you will not be able to save your progress in browser we are sorry

I did not know that had an app to download games to your PC that was not from a browser! better try to download the version for Win here I leave the link!ZU5TnITT!cKhB3X2QrlRpsr_KCkw_fk8BWTxCgeLIykMmhtpARGI

I mean are you using Google chrome, Firefox, Opera?

Hello! Rare should it delay a bit with the Oppaimon logo ... what browser are you using? test downloading the game from our patreon page .

We will check it and don't worry it will be fix for the next version coming soon (some day, don't worry :))

Not yet! coming soon!

If you are playing at Chrome the fps usually go down a lot, try playing at firefox

Thank you!

Has something to do with the browser itself. It usually happens with the ram your computer has.

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If you mean to get oppaiballs of course you can do it and capture oppaimons too. When you beat a trainer or an oppaimon you earn money and with it you can buy Oppaiballs and other items in the village shop (next to the oppaimon centre) :)

Thank you!, We appreciate you seeing our effort <3