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OK. But to be honest, for this kind of game, I would have preferred to play it for free rather than buying it without knowing its lifetime and/or interest... Lot of "adult games" are awfully simples and linears, therefore are totally not interesting. I hope that you'll understand my point of view.

In such conditions, either I'll wait an update or forget the game. Paying even "only" 4 USD for a kind of game that usually (near) always deceived me is a no-go. Not for an indie game, where I would be more concerned by a patreon than anything else - but for this, I must be able to test games...

Being a developer myself, I understand the contractual constraints you may have, but I think that end users should not suffer from a bad distributor/framework/whatever choice. This kind of problem (resolution, platform, GPL-like licenses, gamepad support, internationalization) must be thought on the beginning, not at the end of the project. My opinion, I don't force others to follow it however.

Thanks for your reply, hope I'll be able to test your games soon. I sincerely wish you the best possible luck for all your devs.

Thanks for AZERTY keyboard users... "WASD" are typically something totally unusable once out of a QWERTY keyboard. Since I cannot modify controls, I cannot play: delaing with the f... disposition of "WASD" with my keyboard, it totally breaks game's immersion and therefore it ruins the game.

Please consider controls customisation for next version, thanks in advance.

Seriously... I understand perfectly the problems involved by pixel-art, even 16-bits-like ones.

But have you REALLY tried your own game on a modern monitor? In 1920x1080, which is currently a NORMAL resolution, it's way, way too small even on a 27" monitor!

Please at least offer the ability to double the game window, even if not upscaled/antialiased but simply with doubled pixels!

Game SEEMS interesting... But I simply cannot play with it. It's like trying to play a smartphone game while holding the device at arm's length!