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What did it say?

Until all those other features get removed from the game and then everyone cries, because they're actually still important to the game.

I'm sure it wouldn't take very long to load in a custom audio?


IDK about a full fledged AI voice. I could see a microphone recorder with some voice effects though, that would rock!

And also, I don't like how when you use arrow keys to turn your view, the movement controls don't change. It makes it really confusing.

The new floor builder design looks much more appealing! Soon will we be able to make rooms with high roofs like the Cafeteria?

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just everything about this

everything about this tool

∞/10 i will never stop using it

i would wait 10 years for this mod to come out 

ignore all these little kids, take all the time you need Johnster

i'm still hyped for this :)

it's a bit compliocated and idk if it even still works anymore but if you're not that good with computers id reccomend just buying the real game

w....what did yo-

why is it free

No problem! I can't wait to try the full game.

Thank you so much for this game Henry. I've lost so many hours of my life and I'm totally happy with it

Dude the place to post your scratch games is on scratch

it's probably a cool game idk but you know

A bit of constructive criticism.

  1. It's very annoying to rotate tiles. It would be so helpful to just press R and have a rotated tile.
  2. Adding things like doors is so confusing. I didn't know you were meant to remove the wall and I spent forever trying to figure out how to stop it from clipping.
  3. The topdown view's fixed perspective is so annoying. There's no way to rotate the camera at all, so levelmaking is a lot harder.
  4. It's not made very obvious that this editor can only make levels, and you're unable to play them. I'm completely willing to wait until the game comes out to be able to play the level, but I never got told anything anywhere about that.
  5. You can't mute the music. It would just be nice if you could.

it says you play it in a browser or something but i tried that and it just redownloaded the game

i've tried playing it with so many different programs and none of them worked

idk what i'm meant to do here