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Albatross Wirehead

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A really relaxed and pretty, colourful game that goes way deeper then you might think.  There is plenty to do and plenty to find, and a million things to craft, and animals to hang out with.   Many many hours of chill gameplay and the sound and music gives it that unique Justwall vibe. You can also play as Wirehead so 5 stars.

Thanks Jamie, and yes Manic Miner was great hey. I am just looking into making linux builds so hopefully I can do that ASAP.  My friend uses Steam through playOnLinux and then adds the game to steam as a 'non steam game' and it is working well if that helps you in the meantime.

Collect em up with nice art and a narrative with quite a chilling end :0

Love this version PS, its come along nicely from the test you sent us. The town has a whole different feel, its cool. I vote for keep the short range of the axe but make it a one hit kill!

I got tetanus then cured then a knife in the throat. Nice :D