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recommended to me by the algorithm , great

Sickest pong ever dude! Carroooottssss!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars


Truly Epic.

Nice and smooth platforming with good controls. Cool maps. Very enjoyable :)

Far too easy and could use tome physics tweaking. Great tutorial, what system is Ball Dude in Penis Tower available on?

Hey Excidamus, If you create a shortcut of the terrene.exe file and copy  that shortcut to your dekstop that will work for you.

Hi StressedBlue , is it not responding after you start a new game and it says 'loading game'? There is a lot of intense map generation and file saving at this point, depending on your machine it may take  a while. Please try leaving the window for a while once you start a game.

We are both big Terraria fans, hopefully one day we could come somewhere near the amazing scope of either of those games!

Thanks for playing and taking the time to write all this feedback. It's all really helpful and it is added to our big list of feedback. Our focus now is to add a lot more content and will release a large update in the coming months with a lot more to do. We also hope to keep adding stuff for a long time to come. The bosses are in there and take up a  large space covered in an unusual block type, there is one somewhere in each third of the map in the lower levels. Hopefully you will come across one soon. Thanks again for playing Killey.

Hi Jammyson , rainbow ores will give you a little of each colour  when you process them in the ship , and green will give you bio matter that you need to collect to win. Bedrock is indestructible. Thanks for asking , glad you like the game!

Hi Condzi , thanks so much for playing the game and taking the time out to write us heaps of feedback. Some really helpful feedback there, we will take note of it all and work at some of those points for the first update. Glad you liked the ship, creatures and audio, Justwall did a great job there. I really love the creepy atmosphere personally haha. Tutorial and context are important so we will definitely work at that. We are having a bit of a break and digging back into it soon. Hope you come back to an update sometime, thanks again.

Hi Shiny , its definitely not anywhere near as in depth as starbound, there is a lot to do and it is a long game but you if you go in expecting starbound you would be disapointed. Its all in the description so if you like the sound of that its free so have at it, and send us feedback if you like as we will continue updating this and adding heaps more in the future.

Thanks Fudge , we hope you are having fun.

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Thanks Schmidt, so good to hear you enjoyed the original, thanks for the kind words. Let us know if you have any feedback about Terrene because we will continue to update it in the future.

Hi Anmcbride, thats great feedback and yes I would hate for someone not work out how to start the game because main menu controls aren't displayed. Also more tutorial is always  helpful, there is game info in the esc menu that may help you too. We will fix it up in an update soon, thanks again.

That's awesome Grizzly , thanks a lot!

HI , use arrow keys/WASD and space bar or controller + A button

Thanks for testing for us Chris , and I'm glad you really like it. Thanks for the kind words.

Have fun thuthur , you can use arrow keys to move as well so that should help. Also there is controller support.

so very good game

A really relaxed and pretty, colourful game that goes way deeper then you might think.  There is plenty to do and plenty to find, and a million things to craft, and animals to hang out with.   Many many hours of chill gameplay and the sound and music gives it that unique Justwall vibe. You can also play as Wirehead so 5 stars.

Thanks Jamie, and yes Manic Miner was great hey. I am just looking into making linux builds so hopefully I can do that ASAP.  My friend uses Steam through playOnLinux and then adds the game to steam as a 'non steam game' and it is working well if that helps you in the meantime.

Collect em up with nice art and a narrative with quite a chilling end :0

Love this version PS, its come along nicely from the test you sent us. The town has a whole different feel, its cool. I vote for keep the short range of the axe but make it a one hit kill!

I got tetanus then cured then a knife in the throat. Nice :D