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Dynamic Soul Works

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Cool pixel art and interesting game mechanics

Cool retro art work! Reminds me with my old DOS games. Love it!

Cool game idea and fun for partying!

Congratz for the 3rd place Shifu!
Cool visual effect and interesting game mechanics.

Cool, simple and addicting game!

cool. Thanks for the review!

Cool game.. cool dinosaurzz.. cool muzic.... wish player 1 could dash forward

awesome game! I wish there's like a creature floating on the sky at the space stage.. space dinosaur floating around probably sounds cool :)

Sweet. Nice art work!

yeaa.. now I'm much cleverer :)

Kawwa bangGa!!!


Frozty!! - Me

Wow Wow Woooow!!!! - Man from Earth

Hahaha.. yup, probably because they are same from Asian countries :)

The Best game in the Jam!!!

Sorry.. I still don't get it... does "my palm" mean using my real palm? So if in that case, do I need to use a touch screen monitor in order to play this game?

art style (4/5)

game level (2/5)

emmm.... use my palm??? i don't get it.... is it like using my real palm and touch it to the screen?