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The Resolution slider in the upper right, below the palettes does exactly that! :D Right click the slider for numeric input.

Hey, thanks for the kind words! I’ll look into it :)

Hey :) Could it be that the source image you’re using already has a size of 128px?

Bug fixed, thank you!

Thank you for the feedback guys, the bug is fixed now :) Somewhere during the windows build process, a tab character was turned into space characters, and the engine did NOT like that!

Oh that’s weird! Let’s figure out where the problem lies :)

Have you tried the usual things like running as administrator, making sure you have write permission for the export location, etc?

Update is out! :)

Hey, thanks for the question! I’m currently on a big update that’s gonna bring an entirely new level of functionality to Ditherdragon, but it’s taking some time.

I was originally planning on releasing palette files together with the next big update, but I’ll think about releasing it separately rather sooner than later! :)

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You can already import custom palettes from :) Importing from a file is coming very soon aswell :D

EDIT: It is now also possible to load local .hex file palettes!

Hm, thats a weird bug, I’ve not had that happen before… I’ll try to replicate that behaviour to find out whats causing this for you. In the meantime you can right click the slider to put in a numeric value :)

I totally agree, and others have already made similar suggestions. I will start work on this very soon! :D

Already being developed! Will be released in the next couple of days, together with batch processing / animation and other improvements :)

The desktop icon can now be found in the downloads section :)

Oh, is there no icon for you? If so, what platform; Windows or Linux?

Thanks for the question, there is not a bit of AI in Ditherdragon. It’s all good old algorithms!

You can absolutely use custom palettes! You can load any palette on

I think I will also add the ability to load custom palettes from local files the next couple of days :)