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This game is so much fun!! everything in the game goes so well together, with all the puzzles and everything... The art style of the game looks amazing!! Well done on this game, can't wait to play more of it...

This game is actually super fun to play and it has amazing atmosphere. Just wish I could pet my doggo :( But other than that it was super fun to play, and I was ready to beat up the creature if it touched my doggo!!

Super fun game and very scary!! It almost made me fall off my chair twice!! Great job on this game, can't wait to play more of it...

This game is super fun and very, very, VERY scary!!! It got me twice!!! Well done making it, I really enjoyed playing it at 3AM...

This game actually has such a deep meaning!! It actually made me sad at the end because I know how it feels... But other than that, this is a very nice game and I really like the VHS style of the game.

Honest opinion... HOLY S#*T!! This game is super fun and super scary at the same time... Really enjoyed playing it and I can't wait to play more of it when the game is fully released!! Really good job on the huge scare at the end, gave me a good scare, one that I have not gotten in a long time...

I LOVE THIS GAME! It has a good vibe to it and also scary at times. Really enjoyed playing it, would love to have more of it!!

Played the game at 3AM and OMG I was freaked out! After this I could not even sleep! But I really enjoyed playing it, wish there could be a full version of the game, would really enjoy playing it on the channel...

This game is actually super fun and very moist 😂😂 

This game is amazingly fun and scary at the same time!?! Really enjoyed playing it a lot and I can't wait for the full release of the game...