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UPDATE: We have taken down our Alpha v1.0.40a as we are now moving on to the Early Access version on Steam! Thanks everyone for play testing our SoulHunt. Check it out on !

can you send the error logs to ? :)

Hey dude, keep it up and keep making gameplay videos, you'll get there! Thanks for playing SoulHunt!

New maps will go on the Steam version!

I'm sorry dude, we can't just give away out scripts, but the thing you have to do is actually just child your object to the soul basically!

Cool! tweet it out and I'll check it on YouTube :D

The change is 100% that there will be more maps! It's just that it won't be on the alpha anymore... We just got our partnership done on Steam so Steam integration will be added for real very soon!

So Early Access will be coming, when is another question though hehe :)

What is happening? is it on starting a game or you cannot run the game?

You can scroll down in the options menu and change your controls! :)

Not dead! We recently posted a blog post about what is happening here! Also we should add 2stepping as we have the metalcore jumping already anyway ;D

And I think Luka found you so easy because he knows that you can use Q to "hear" the heartbeat of the soul, you can also counter this as a soul and silence your heartbeat!

Your english is fine! :) We are still working on the game! check out our latest blogpost at to see what we have been doing (and why it is taking sooo long hehe).

Maybe you could try another browser? What browser are you using now? Or maybe it could be that your adblocker is blocker the pop up.

Don't the maps load in the main menu? Or what do you mean exactly? :)

What OS do you have? and which program do you use to unzip your file?

I could maybe add it to the list to make the hiding time a variable that is able to be set.

You should only be able to open one instance of the game with version 1.0.40a! It should normally give an error message if an instance of the game is already running.

The graveyard map has been locked for now, it was only unloacked for the small community weekend event some time ago!

Be sure that you have unzipped everything from your zip file and have your drivers (most importantly your graphics drivers) up to date, these are the common solutions to the problem you are having right now.

have you checked if our game has been excluded on your firewall? Sometimes the firewall blocks the connection from our game!