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thank you for your time! 

can you tell me the native resolution of this game? 

It's so cozy game. I wish you could make it full-size. Adorable!

Do you have any plans to make a big commercial game? I can't find any. Only great but short games on your Itch profile. Its looks like you are very skilled developer

Man its awesome

great game! Love it

wow. brilliant game guys 

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WTF hell no original re4 was that hard :D brilliant game but I keep dying and dying and dying... 

UPD: finally beat it. awesome game

yeah, exactly the same

Pretty fun game. Great visuals too. Still cant beat third room after multiple tries :)

Omg demo is brilliant! no means i'll buy full game.  i can tell there are same flaws for example there is no story at all or it just me? :D anyway that stuff addicting as hell. good work 

nice to hear that! I’ll be waiting for it 

oh. Did you cancelled project? 

Playing on windows, game just freeze on subway scene. Great project btw :) love it

Cant instal game :( sad

Best game i have played on itch. Just wonder what a great 15-hour game it could be, mmm... Man u are genius! I think it is best pixel art UI i have ever seen. Masterpiece

it’s fucking awesome game. Have played on my iPhone for days. Great! 

Hard as hell but i did it. Get me crazy couple of time :) Great project bro. It would be so much better to play it on gamepad ;p

Art is great and story is interesting, but i got sound problem... No sound at all! My BootCamp Macbook/Windows got some issues i guess. But still great project bro, waiting for more!

Great Stuff :) There was a couple tricky moments but its still a awesome project 

Great :)