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Finished it.

Finished it.

Also, after posting this, [x]'s are defence. If you have exclamation marks at the bottom you will get hit, otherwise, you're fine.

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When selecting the interface's shape, the table below the shape dictates the rules. All except #2 have the same things. Dashes [-] are the energy bar, Diamonds/Units [<>] are the diamond-things used to purchase upgrades, and the Crosses [x], IDK, probably something to do with defense from the lines/rays.

I cannot play it due to the fact that the GUI dosen't support 4:3, ie GUI dosen't rescale.

I can't see the finish button on my screen. Kind of ruining it for me.

When the garbage forcefield gets disabled, one of the 'bots says something about security forces. I personally would like having the ability to fight off lots of robots, without needing to start endless mode.

Just a suggestion.