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Finished it.

Finished it.

Also, after posting this, [x]'s are defence. If you have exclamation marks at the bottom you will get hit, otherwise, you're fine.

When selecting the interface's shape, the table below the shape dictates the rules. All except #2 have the same things. Dashes [-] are the energy bar, Diamonds/Units [<>] are the diamond-things used to purchase upgrades, and the Crosses [x], IDK, probably something to do with defense from the lines/rays.

I cannot play it due to the fact that the GUI dosen't support 4:3, ie GUI dosen't rescale.

I can't see the finish button on my screen. Kind of ruining it for me.

When the garbage forcefield gets disabled, one of the 'bots says something about security forces. I personally would like having the ability to fight off lots of robots, without needing to start endless mode.

Just a suggestion.