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Fix the controls please, q to move left??? And your tool tip says r, but its actually d to move right. 1/5 stars

Simple but a bit too eas

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Fun game, I like that enemies reset after each room allowing me to farm up and be level 10 for the final boss >:)

Then I got stuck from falling.

I cant find the other powerups, I all have is the guns and the fire sword

I was on an binge just playing 10 different platforming/puzzle/metroidvania type games for the past few weeks and then I came upon this beauty. The movement is SOOOOO smooth and once you get all upgrades, combining all of them is so satisfying. I kinda wish I found this game later so I could play the full version because of how good this demo was. Besides a few bugs that made me start from the beginning again, I had no issues with the story/gameplay. I cant wait for the next big update!

Pretty cool, but having to change the controls to wads movement at every level is a bit tedious. Other than that 9/10