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Before I buy it, I wanted to know how much enjoyment I, a gay man, would find in it? Like how much content is that area?

i ran through and just tanked their hits, that got me through 

I'm playing the Steam Version but I'm 100 Percent Sure its a bug then cause I can dodge and attack them in their radius and they won't activat, but the second one in the long hallway always goes off when I attempt to pass, even when im just walking and have already taken out the ghosts???

Been loving this game, but an issues I ran into has pretty much halted my progress. At the mall, in the hall full of Moss' i cannot figure out what actually sets them off, cause it doesn't seem to be sound despite the game saying so!!!

Yeah Hi. I downloaded this game but when I run it, it just forces me to the steam page for it? 

I really hope theres not more demo past the first room cause I... can't solve the puzzle. Besides that its all very good!

I got a minor bug. In the Doc's Ward in the room just above the morgue area theres a spot of blood. Investigating it just gives me the message "The Chair was Cleaned"