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How is the progress coming along?

The rewards look really great. I know if I (being and artist and writer) had the money I'd love some of the higher tier rewards that allow you to have input in the game. I imagine some with the money will also love that. The lower tier rewards are nice too. I think your choices are well thought out and will make this kickstarter very successful.

I enjoyed this game for the most part (got it through steam). The ending was not as good as the first half since there is a lot of grinding skills without much reward. The reveal was dragged out a bit too long over days so what intially felt creepy became a bit tedious. The art and music were great though.

As a mythology buff I had a lot of fun playing something based on a culture's mythology I've never heard before. Thanks for this well-made game.

I've really enjoyed all of your games I've played so far. They are really well written  and the art for the backgrounds  and sprites are excellent.(As a writer  and artist myself that is important to me) This is the first time I've commented though. If you ever want  a beta tester for feedback  from that angle I'd  love to. I've never worked on a visual novel so I don't know technical stuff but I know a quality story/game when I play it.

I played the entire game last night and had a blast. It really made me laugh and surprised me. The mini-game aspect was unexpected and hilarious. I won't say more so as not to spoil it for others.

As a person who loves the Magical Girl genre I have to say you have a gem here. It feels every bit like participating in a magical girl story and I can't wait for the full version.